Tuesday, 1 September 2009

preview: one's to watch: bear hands / swimming / the antlers

I really hope when I go to the Macbeth on Thursday for the next installment of One's to Watch, I don't bump into a two torsoed man-lady like the above picture. Then again, it is Shoreditch. No MP3s today.

What I hope to find is a nice rum and ginger and after that a band called The Antlers. Home for them is the delightful stable of Frenchkiss Records. They are the result of Manhattan isolation and Brooklyn reemergence. I want to make a joke about not having had a good cocktail in ages but it won't quite come so I'll move on. They have potential to be quite moving in a rousing way. I think they hang out with Bell.

Following them will be Swimming who hail from my hometown. I'm trying to detect traces of Nottingham in their music to uphold a hastily cobbled theory that one's locale has a profound influence on creative output. Their myspace makes thrilling listening, it veers into this experimental quarter but then completely bucks the traditional by hurling choruses you gotta singalong to. Almost definitely going to purchase their album. I think I can hear touches of Dave Grohl in there. Weird.

Headlining will be Bear Hands. They hustle and bustle like surfer librarians, there's a contrast in here hiding away. A delicacy of sound and rhythm burbling away behind a vocal style that just screams I don't care, I don't care, I don't care about anything because that would not be cool at all.

Part with seven of your pounds.
Go to ticketweb.
It will only be more on the door.
And if you are hungry, the best pizza place in the whole of Hoxton is just up the street.
In a few days, I will reveal whether it turned out as planned.

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