Tuesday, 29 September 2009

straight krautta versailles

photo: Sonia Koumskoff-Raissi

Turzi returns with all the subtle grace of a butterfly resting on the shoulder of a buffalo mid-stampede. Buenos Aires is a trance-like affaire, replete with synthesizers that drum and percussion that throbs like keyboards. Muscles flexed like a fine ballet dancer; delicate but you know that he could take you down with ease if the inclination was there. Yes, this is a dance, excuse my lack of familiarity with the various styles, I cannot offer you a precise definition. Watch out for the respite that comes waltzing in around the 140 second mark, a violin solo that comes out nowhere. It catches me off guard every time as I'm locked into some kind of expectation that this is only rudimentary tech Hackney Wick warehouse chic.

Turzi - Buenos Aires

You'll find on other blogs the Sébastien Tellier rework. It's a highly recommended hip hop hodown. Completing the chocolate coloured 12" package, is the flipside Bombay and a Swiss meets Aladdin rework from fellow Pan European psych-head Koudlam. Do not adjust your screen, your wi-fi isn't fucking with you, I did say chocolate coloured 12" package. Record Makers continue to uphold their reputation as filthy electronic purveyors of subtle distinction.

As a special online download bonus bonanza, shatsat faves Django Django were brought to the table and asked to get down and dirty with Bombay. The result (their best remix to date!) is a spectral shakeup, a rainy cosmic disco affair that takes the spiralling Eastern riff that is the centrepiece of the behemoth original and sends it fluttering. My homeboy, Steve, over at blouse said that this is what The Stig would sound like on Indian Top Gear. I'm more inclined to think it's what the mad fight scene at the end of The Matrix 3 would sound like if it was adapted for Bollywood.

Turzi - Bombay (Django Django's Thunder in Paradise remix)

The Buenos Aires / Bombay EP is out in a coupla weeks on import / en France.
///Pick it up on pre-order from Rough Trade now.

Sophomore album 'B' is going to drop next year with guest vocal performances from Bobby Gillespie and Brigitte Fontaine. I don't think before this release anybody would ever have mentioned them in the same sentence.

Romain and the troops will be hear to fuck with your ears, minds and stomachs for three nights on 18th, 19th and 20th October. Corsica Studios, Rough Trade East and The Borderline on consecutive nights. The full breadth of London gigland traversed in 72 hours of glorious modern kraut psychedelia.

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