Thursday, 29 October 2009

after party: revive her



Free Entry
address: The Camp (The City Arts & Music Project), 70-74 City Road

the shattered satellite party will end at midnight.
this is where you need to head after.

the best two quid you'll ever spend.

Next Friday will see the first and maybe the last shattered satellite party. It certainly won't be a monthly thing. I have no grand ambitions to be a promoter; my only motivation for doing this is to make sure everybody in The Victoria has the best time ever basically. To make that happen, I've put together a stellar lineup on a shoestring budget.

I don't really trust most people, so figured the only way to start proceedings would be to do it myself. Or rather with my band, Al Cool and the Stranger Wines. It's been a year since our first riotous show at Kensington Roof Gardens and I'm pleased to announce we're entering the third phase. I haven't been this stoked about playing a gig since Glasto' so I'd get down there early if I were you. Introducing our Thamesbeat chillwave motown postrock latino jazz funk classic - Céline. Produced and mixed by the baddest producer in all of Bath, Papa Yerbury.

Al Cool and the Stranger Wines - Céline

I do have a stonking remix of the track by my boy but it's getting a release so have to keep a lid on it for now. Be patient and enjoy the original. Only the beginning kids.

Self-promotion over. Following Al Cool will be ColouringIN, led by future romance pop prince Henry Bennett with the able assistance of Dominic Dowbekin and Ricco. The live show has contracted since I first caught it earlier in the year, they are now a three-piece on stage. It works better, their furious melting pot of trumpet, cello, opera vocals and dirty danceable beats providing Henry with the perfect backdrop to flutter without clutter as only he can.

ColouringIN - Intergalactic Romantic

Headlining are Django Django. Hurry on over to myspace to hear Skies Over Cairo, their West Coast vibes sent scattering on a blimp ride around the desert. Django Django have been building up a fierce reputation as purveyors of oddball pop that really is like nothing else at the minute. It's hypnotic, catchy and I'm very excited to have them perform. Read my interview with Vinnie here.

Django Django - Loves Dart

Occupying the decks in between bands will be Jamila from FUCKING DANCE and the Slutty Fringe crew of Tony, John and Flo. There will also be mixtapes, brownies and Arthur Russell themed fun times.

Anyway it's two pounds. Two pounds if you stick your name on the list over at the facebook event. Or you can buy tickets via wegottickets. If you turn up randomly, you'll have to pay three pounds. Which is still one hell of a bargain. I'm going to be talking about this for the rest of the week so get used to it.

///beautiful flyer by lucas liccini.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

i want you endlessly

When thinking about Fyfe, I think of that moment when Trains to Brazil first sent me spinning. It was a grandiose fly in the face of all doomsayers and had such feeling. It was unstoppable. Even then, you could see there was a playful spirit hanging around.

Dangerfield's solo material channels this mischievous nature into something a lot more cheerful and booze infused, less widescreen melancholy. Still fueled by that same fire, he now sounds like the best 90's pop star that never existed. NOW 36 should have been his.

The beat that leads you in tells nothing of what to come but it's safe to say three minutes later you'll be dancing to a groove that's pure Dangerfield. I'd suggest heading over to Fyfe's site for more but you only get snippets. These leave me with a face like a kid who wanted a bigger slice of pie.

Props to Neon Gold for bringing this to my attention. Derek has slayed it this past week, which post CMJ bender I find pretty commendable.

Fyfe Dangerfield - When You Walk In The Room

Thursday, 22 October 2009

good thing too

My favourite entrepreneur is weaving his own world slowly but surely.
Good Thing 2 fizzes and writhes like a fish stuck on a sherbet shore for too long.
I'm talking about the moment after when calmness is restored.
Reimmersed in the drink, it's a lolling rush to the surface that hints at a future electroflecked with weird alien beauty.

The Super-Ego - Good Thing 2

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

mumbai mirage

Last night, Turzi shook the aisles of Rough Trade.
Sadly there isn't a modern French krautrock aisle yet.
It's something they should really consider.

This morceau, Bombay, is an absolute behemoth.

Turzi - Bombay

When they get round to redesigning and implementing some new aisles.
Maybe they should get a Chinese krautrock aisle whilst they're at it.

Radiant Dragon - Oysters (Ornine remix)

This Ornine rerub of Oysters belongs at the bottom of the ocean though. Like when video games crash and you deathdrop like flies through the ocean floor, through the clouds into a new sky then crashing back to down to earth and to the ocean floor again and again ad infinitum until you yank the cartridge out.

Cosmo also deserves an aisle.

Cosmo D. Hines - Moon Hat Thief

Friday, 16 October 2009

i will END you

The title of this post refers to Jeremy's not so thinly veiled threat about what he'd do if I shared the sampler by his new band, Acres, Acres. Whilst I'm half amused / terrified by the prospecting of Warmsley appearing like a spirit at my door with a baseball bat / axe / spellbook / ready to boot my ass all the way to Hades' door, I'd much rather just listen to Acres, Acres on repeat. I'd really like to see this EP on a 10" sometime soon. Sort it out record label people.

How We Became remains one of my highlights of 2009.
However, it lacks the spiteful energy that turbopowered The Art of Fiction.
This isn't a criticism, it's an observation. You can't sprint everywhere.

In Acres, Acres, Warmsley has rediscovered his spite and come up with a project that manages to be rich yet rough around the edges a la fois. Beach boys harmonies go toe to toe with distorted American guitar history. It has that warm Atlantic edge but still retains a good dash of Britishness. I can't put my finger on it, but it's there.

I first heard I Don't Know in a hungover slow-roasting sweat box that was The Lock Tavern in January and it remains one of my live highlights of the year. Pop mastery is how I choose to describe it. It takes a heavily overused phrase in pop history and twists it round and round until it becomes the most perfect backing vocal line. Not overegged either, it's used sparingly and gloriously. In my opinion, Jeremy's voice is nicer with backing. It prevents the lung-busting moments from being too in your face while ensuring the cooing falsetto flourishes aren't too show-offy. A happy medium.

I don't know much about Adam, Hugo and Ed apart from the fact they are more than proficient at their instruments and have beautiful vocal tone. Hopeless has such pretty pretty backing vocals. They also appear to have dissuaded Warmsley from the t-shirt / waistcoat look that owned 2006. Really not sure about the guy with the shirt with the roses either.

Diamonds from Coal is the track I have for you intrepid readers today. I'll talk about it when I've seen it in the flesh.

Acres, Acres - Diamonds from Coal

Check Acres, Acres out at the Patrick Swayze themed Videopia this Tuesday.
I'm going to head down for soundcheck then scoot off to the Borderline for Turzi.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

he was always the more youthful looking crook

MillionYoung comes flying through the windows of my gmail inbox.
He lands in a wet heap on the floor. Glass everywhere but I don't mind.
His surfboard is broken in two.
"I've come all the way from Florida", he says, "I figured it was about time you started posting stuff way off the beaten track."

I made him a cup of tea and whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil, he pulls out a handetched triangular purple transparent vinyl from his wetsuit.
"Where is your record player, buddy?"

The kettle clicks.
"Right by the stairs, Mike", I say handing him a cup of Earl Grey.
I didn't think to ask how he took it.

MillionYoung - Chlorophyl

"This is nice man." I tell him.
"I know." he replies.

It finishes. We listen to the other side of the Sunndreamm EP.

MillionYoung - Hammock

It supersedes Chlorophyl with ease.
"I'm impressed. Definitely gonna post this."
"Cheers...that sounds swell. Just one thing I wanted to ask you though man."

"Why have you put milk in my Earl Grey?"

That's just how I roll. I wish the above actually happened yesterday as it would have been far more interesting then describing how I downloaded in my pyjamas. Then grinning an hour later in manic fashion at my fellow commuters before closing my eyes and drifting off. Fans of Washed Out and anything blissed out will probably go all cross-eyed and gooey to this.

Finish the story in your head by downloading the rest of the Sunndreamm EP over at MillionYoung's tumblr.


Monday, 12 October 2009

skylark whimsy

I glossed over Clock Opera first time round, not because I didn't like it, but because I succumbed to one of those inbox disasters where you listen to something, enjoy it, fail to make any note of it and then nod in bleary-eyed recognition where it crops up in other places.

Clock Opera is the impressively bearded Guy Connelly. The below track is called Alouette. a delightful mishmash of crushed glass guitar fragments and spectral synthesizer shimmers. Energetic comparisons with Four Tet seem apt at this stage, but find themselves quickly dispelled by the sustained power of Connelly’s vocal. It soundtracks perfectly the moment you hurl yourself out the front door and wrap scarves around your head and shiver to keep warm.

Clock Opera - Alouette

Taken from debut single White Noise out on the baddest record label in Smithsfields on November 18th. Remixes of White Noise to come soon. I'm told the show on 25th at Nabokov Arts Club is going to be special. Stunts galore and aerial acrobatics.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

so pretty it makes me sick.

The penultimate song had come and gone. I was a little lost in the joyous fuzz that tends to emanate from Thomas Sanders. His latest solo effort, On My Way, has wormed its way into my affections skilfully over the last week. Drunken ponderings about the way girls get inside a man's mind and gently wreak havoc like sloe gin have never sounded so lovely. The spiky edge of Pete and the Pirates is pleasantly absent.

Support at The Lexington had come from the almost affable Eugene McGuinness. Clearly talented and blessed with a fine set of pipes, I can't help but think he knows it too much and never offers the vulnerability required to truly endear. I was a little bored of his three bags full cooing and was concerned he would steal my date whilst I was interviewing Tom.

Connan Mockasin upped the ante nicely, displaying awesome vocal deftness as well as eye-catching red shoes. Inter band ribbing was amusing, his bassist decried for wearing a jacket made out of dolphin skin.

And so to Tap Tap.
Tom assembled a new minor 'indie' super group to serenade the masses.
He wore an incredible red jumper that cost 99p off ebay.
More in the interview 'feature'.
I just wanted to mention this song because I so nearly forgot it and because interviews take time to write up.

Tap Tap - Queen of Hearts

///visit the stolen shop.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

deezy street

The coo of Clocks era Martin merge delightfully with the laconic Casablancas drawl in the carefree compositions of NYC native Darwin Deez. Not as serious as the former, not quite as cool as the latter, the Deez is living in his own little bubble. It's not supposed to feel this good, it's music to put in your pocket and forget about. He looks like he's been out at an 80's night for the last five years without showering. In a good way.

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector

Like a tumbledried crumpled fiver, it won't get you far but is a guaranteed wry smile drawer.
The single called Constellations is out on Lucky Number soon.
///visit his website for Mp3s
///photo by greyseeds

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

ricicle leftover

Sounding so familiar like the jacket you used to wear every day.
Until it got thrown away, a vocal that screams classic
and timeless melded with bright-eyed quivers,
quivering 'cause of the buzzy synths that shine through the murk
good time drums battle with the beats
and make me feel giddy and rushed as it ascends.

Lightning Dust - I Knew

Sparse compared to the Black Mountain experience,
which I'm still digesting after catching a show at the tail end of '07.
Supposedly secret super furries never showed.

Monday, 5 October 2009

dance to grindcore

Two years since I started this.
Two years since I heard this.

Elle Milano - Believe Your Own Hype. Always (2007 mix)

shattered satellite is now on hypem.

This shit is about to go up a level.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Last night, I intended to rock up the party where the boy above was turning out slick jams like the track below. I had another place to be. This new party piece, arriving to you via those scamps over at Transparent, inhabits a space I can't quite place. Undertones that don't quite make it to ominous, but nevertheless suggest it was only a left turn away. Instead, Joy Orbison ventures down to the beach.

Joy Orbison - Wet Look

///buy this now before it sells the fuck out.

Friday, 2 October 2009

evil believer

The longest of days is still stretching out out over me, as I rush from office to office expelling everything, hoping some of it comes across nicely. I think the blog drew the short straw today in terms of clarity of expression.

Moments from now, I'll swing from bus to tube to waterloo and city to waterloo then to down to Guildford where The Premarital Sect will take to the stage. I don't know what to expect, the first time I saw Crisp's previous outfit, there were a dozen people there to watch. I'm hoping these noise merchants get a better reception.

The Premarital Sect - Evil Believer (rough rough demo)

Do you really give a fuck about clarity of expression?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

this year's vocal trend

In a breakthrough guitar pop sense:
If 2004 was The Libertines in Can't Stand Me Now: ah-ahh-oh
If 2005 was The Futureheads in Hounds of Love: Wah-ah-oh-ah-oh
If 2008 was Mystery Jets in Young Love: Woe-woe-wah-ooh
Then 2009 is Mumford and Sons in Sigh No More: Ah-ah-ahhh-ah

Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More

They'll be transforming Pure Groove later this evening.
///buy their album.