Thursday, 29 October 2009

the best two quid you'll ever spend.

Next Friday will see the first and maybe the last shattered satellite party. It certainly won't be a monthly thing. I have no grand ambitions to be a promoter; my only motivation for doing this is to make sure everybody in The Victoria has the best time ever basically. To make that happen, I've put together a stellar lineup on a shoestring budget.

I don't really trust most people, so figured the only way to start proceedings would be to do it myself. Or rather with my band, Al Cool and the Stranger Wines. It's been a year since our first riotous show at Kensington Roof Gardens and I'm pleased to announce we're entering the third phase. I haven't been this stoked about playing a gig since Glasto' so I'd get down there early if I were you. Introducing our Thamesbeat chillwave motown postrock latino jazz funk classic - Céline. Produced and mixed by the baddest producer in all of Bath, Papa Yerbury.

Al Cool and the Stranger Wines - Céline

I do have a stonking remix of the track by my boy but it's getting a release so have to keep a lid on it for now. Be patient and enjoy the original. Only the beginning kids.

Self-promotion over. Following Al Cool will be ColouringIN, led by future romance pop prince Henry Bennett with the able assistance of Dominic Dowbekin and Ricco. The live show has contracted since I first caught it earlier in the year, they are now a three-piece on stage. It works better, their furious melting pot of trumpet, cello, opera vocals and dirty danceable beats providing Henry with the perfect backdrop to flutter without clutter as only he can.

ColouringIN - Intergalactic Romantic

Headlining are Django Django. Hurry on over to myspace to hear Skies Over Cairo, their West Coast vibes sent scattering on a blimp ride around the desert. Django Django have been building up a fierce reputation as purveyors of oddball pop that really is like nothing else at the minute. It's hypnotic, catchy and I'm very excited to have them perform. Read my interview with Vinnie here.

Django Django - Loves Dart

Occupying the decks in between bands will be Jamila from FUCKING DANCE and the Slutty Fringe crew of Tony, John and Flo. There will also be mixtapes, brownies and Arthur Russell themed fun times.

Anyway it's two pounds. Two pounds if you stick your name on the list over at the facebook event. Or you can buy tickets via wegottickets. If you turn up randomly, you'll have to pay three pounds. Which is still one hell of a bargain. I'm going to be talking about this for the rest of the week so get used to it.

///beautiful flyer by lucas liccini.

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jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

"Thamesbeat chillwave motown postrock latino jazz funk" is maybe the best description ever. maybe.