Friday, 16 October 2009

i will END you

The title of this post refers to Jeremy's not so thinly veiled threat about what he'd do if I shared the sampler by his new band, Acres, Acres. Whilst I'm half amused / terrified by the prospecting of Warmsley appearing like a spirit at my door with a baseball bat / axe / spellbook / ready to boot my ass all the way to Hades' door, I'd much rather just listen to Acres, Acres on repeat. I'd really like to see this EP on a 10" sometime soon. Sort it out record label people.

How We Became remains one of my highlights of 2009.
However, it lacks the spiteful energy that turbopowered The Art of Fiction.
This isn't a criticism, it's an observation. You can't sprint everywhere.

In Acres, Acres, Warmsley has rediscovered his spite and come up with a project that manages to be rich yet rough around the edges a la fois. Beach boys harmonies go toe to toe with distorted American guitar history. It has that warm Atlantic edge but still retains a good dash of Britishness. I can't put my finger on it, but it's there.

I first heard I Don't Know in a hungover slow-roasting sweat box that was The Lock Tavern in January and it remains one of my live highlights of the year. Pop mastery is how I choose to describe it. It takes a heavily overused phrase in pop history and twists it round and round until it becomes the most perfect backing vocal line. Not overegged either, it's used sparingly and gloriously. In my opinion, Jeremy's voice is nicer with backing. It prevents the lung-busting moments from being too in your face while ensuring the cooing falsetto flourishes aren't too show-offy. A happy medium.

I don't know much about Adam, Hugo and Ed apart from the fact they are more than proficient at their instruments and have beautiful vocal tone. Hopeless has such pretty pretty backing vocals. They also appear to have dissuaded Warmsley from the t-shirt / waistcoat look that owned 2006. Really not sure about the guy with the shirt with the roses either.

Diamonds from Coal is the track I have for you intrepid readers today. I'll talk about it when I've seen it in the flesh.

Acres, Acres - Diamonds from Coal

Check Acres, Acres out at the Patrick Swayze themed Videopia this Tuesday.
I'm going to head down for soundcheck then scoot off to the Borderline for Turzi.

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