Tuesday, 20 October 2009

mumbai mirage

Last night, Turzi shook the aisles of Rough Trade.
Sadly there isn't a modern French krautrock aisle yet.
It's something they should really consider.

This morceau, Bombay, is an absolute behemoth.

Turzi - Bombay

When they get round to redesigning and implementing some new aisles.
Maybe they should get a Chinese krautrock aisle whilst they're at it.

Radiant Dragon - Oysters (Ornine remix)

This Ornine rerub of Oysters belongs at the bottom of the ocean though. Like when video games crash and you deathdrop like flies through the ocean floor, through the clouds into a new sky then crashing back to down to earth and to the ocean floor again and again ad infinitum until you yank the cartridge out.

Cosmo also deserves an aisle.

Cosmo D. Hines - Moon Hat Thief

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