Monday, 12 October 2009

skylark whimsy

I glossed over Clock Opera first time round, not because I didn't like it, but because I succumbed to one of those inbox disasters where you listen to something, enjoy it, fail to make any note of it and then nod in bleary-eyed recognition where it crops up in other places.

Clock Opera is the impressively bearded Guy Connelly. The below track is called Alouette. a delightful mishmash of crushed glass guitar fragments and spectral synthesizer shimmers. Energetic comparisons with Four Tet seem apt at this stage, but find themselves quickly dispelled by the sustained power of Connelly’s vocal. It soundtracks perfectly the moment you hurl yourself out the front door and wrap scarves around your head and shiver to keep warm.

Clock Opera - Alouette

Taken from debut single White Noise out on the baddest record label in Smithsfields on November 18th. Remixes of White Noise to come soon. I'm told the show on 25th at Nabokov Arts Club is going to be special. Stunts galore and aerial acrobatics.


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