Thursday, 8 October 2009

so pretty it makes me sick.

The penultimate song had come and gone. I was a little lost in the joyous fuzz that tends to emanate from Thomas Sanders. His latest solo effort, On My Way, has wormed its way into my affections skilfully over the last week. Drunken ponderings about the way girls get inside a man's mind and gently wreak havoc like sloe gin have never sounded so lovely. The spiky edge of Pete and the Pirates is pleasantly absent.

Support at The Lexington had come from the almost affable Eugene McGuinness. Clearly talented and blessed with a fine set of pipes, I can't help but think he knows it too much and never offers the vulnerability required to truly endear. I was a little bored of his three bags full cooing and was concerned he would steal my date whilst I was interviewing Tom.

Connan Mockasin upped the ante nicely, displaying awesome vocal deftness as well as eye-catching red shoes. Inter band ribbing was amusing, his bassist decried for wearing a jacket made out of dolphin skin.

And so to Tap Tap.
Tom assembled a new minor 'indie' super group to serenade the masses.
He wore an incredible red jumper that cost 99p off ebay.
More in the interview 'feature'.
I just wanted to mention this song because I so nearly forgot it and because interviews take time to write up.

Tap Tap - Queen of Hearts

///visit the stolen shop.

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