Friday, 20 November 2009

bright swords

So you're backstage. Waiting to go on. Waiting to shatter every last coeur in the room with your languid mélange of taut white boy funk and wistful soul. Butterflies rise in your belly but you brush them off. Straighten your tie, you bend down to tie your laces. Your name is Othello Woolf.

Swaggering onto the stage, you glance around to find your band conspicuous by their absence. Instead, Gwil is gleaming back at you; the hint of a grin dancing across his face. Samplers whir into life as Golden Silvers reveal their tribute. The crowd are gleefully clapping along in unison. Only one thing remains, wrap your hands around the microphone and forget where you are for a fleeting moment.

Othello Woolf - Stand (Golden Silvers remix) - exclusive

This is decidedly moorish. Stand comes into the world on January 18th on glorious white vinyl courtesy of the Young and Lost girls. Makes you hanker for the new year already right?

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