Friday, 20 November 2009


The work of Anthony Burrill always catches the eye.
He uses strong colours to add weight to sharp mantras.
Bossy in tone, they brim with far too much determination to
ever be categorized as self-help, as inspiring as they may be.

Mystery dance duo, Acid Washed, have been the worthy recipients of
Mr Burrill's visual expertise. The above video serves as a delectable introduction
to the space disco wares peddled by these Parisians.

General Motors, Detroit, America
is unashamedly epic. The above video is the only way to experience it until you can get your hands on the transparent twelve inch out on Record Makers on Monday. Acid Washed aren't just here to pay their dues to the annals of techno history, they are here to party.

Throwing shapes with them on this release are Barbara Panther, Gavin Russom and Blackstrobe. Gavin Russom needs no introduction to those that are familiar with DFA; Panther is an unknown quantity who raises the temperature level with her sultry vocals; Blackstrobe sends the GMDA original into overdrive and into the disco stratosphere. Wrap your ears round this.

Acid Washed - General Motors, Detroit, America (Blackstrobe remix)

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