Saturday, 28 November 2009

promise you'll never lie to me.

- Go on try.
- Okay, I'll try. What shall I say?
- Promise you'll never lie to me.
- I promise
- Promets-moi que tu ne me mentiras jamais
- Je promets
- Do I sound any different?
- Just the same.

The summer rushed in through the window, the breeze made it bang. The lock no longer held like it held at the cremaillere. I wasn't sure who was guilty. Truth economist and easily distracted, my thoughts returned to the saucepan. I never questioned what she said.

She was smoking luckies out the window. I went to the bedroom to find the soundtrack.

Organ Morgan - Broken Heart

I sunk into the bed as the beat dropped. Also dropping was the end of the cigarette, hurtling through peletier wind pockets in a motion that twirled and twissled before gently nestling in a stroller's hat. I saw grey, orange, green and white.

- This reminds me of that film. Can we watch it?

I know the one she means.

- I've seen it so many times.

She doesn't know I watched it last week with Alexa.

- Please?

Alright. Alright. Already.

Kraked Unit - Poupées Russes

Mathew Mayes aka Organ Morgan is a purveyor of sample based delights.
Broken Heart occupies the prettiest of middle grounds; a thumb war between Bibio and Kraked Unit that continues to engross after the twentieth replay.


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