Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I was speeding across LDN after dark towards the Goethe Institute for a techno celebration of the fall of the wall. Rollerskate blared out of my stereo, like a subterranean party animal coming up for air then skulking back down to its own personal groove palace. A thrilling lesson by Matias Aguayo on how much fun you can have playing around with your voice then letting it hang on tight to the beat. Sift through all the facsimilies in the hope you'll find the real one. It probably doesn't exist. Guaranteed to bring out a summertime sweat with every listen.

Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (radio edit)

He actually makes his voice sound like a saxophone.
///pick up Ay Ay Ay from kompakt.

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caisa said...


Matias Aguayo will be playing at the SMS festival in Croatia this September! It's going to be great! Other acts include Nathan Fake, Carl Craig, Friendly Fires, Optimo, Theo Parrish and Girlcore. Check it out at http://sms-2010.com/

Cheers x