Tuesday, 8 December 2009

all reiterated

The sign that greeted my weary limbs said 'I Am The Dot'. I was only looking for a place to recuperate before returning to the coalface you know. Handed headphones and effortlessly directed to an armchair to await the aural assault.

The variety surprises me as a one man orchestra sets up shop in the canals of my ears. Zachary demonstrates vocal acuity; little pockets of feathered beauty floating on a patchwork of guitars and occasional pillowsoft electric sound. I can't decide whether to tune into the voice or everything around it. The realization that he needs nobody permeates it all. He doesn't need me, you or anybody else to be there.

In brief snatches, his music brings to my mind a collaboration between a smattering of recent alt-pop luminaries. I won't name names because it's vulgar. I'd rather hang your wet and rusting bodies out to dry, contra ry to the popular trend. It's going to get exciting as he wanders further and further away from the beaten track, as practice will undoubtedly make everlasting perfection. Below you find Middle of April and Detroit, MI. A welcoming visa into Zachary's town that won't expire any time soon. 2010 should see in increase in population.

I Am The Dot - Middle of April

I Am The Dot - Detroit, MI

They are taken from the I Am The Dot EP, a worthy checkout alongside the Rare Creatures EP, a pay-what-you-like affair, with some crazy inspirational material. Run along to myspace.

///head over to those typically on top of it tastemakers at Transparent for a Boneless collaboration of tempered treetop beauty.

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