Monday, 7 December 2009

blast from the past: UK garage - the album pt. 2

Not sure why the huge delay in garage flashback posts occured. They are easily the most enjoyable pieces to write. Apologies. Full speed ahead to Napa kids.

Receiving a CD Discman at the age of ten was a big thing. A landmark moment because I no longer relied on other people to listen to whatever the hell I desired. I began cultivating a collection of CD singles as well as a series of crushes. One was Shola Ama. No joke. Others included Louise Nurding and All Saints.

Ama's career arguably peaked with her version of Randy Crawford's You Might Need Somebody. In my view, the follow-up single, You're The One I Love actually bettered it. Unfortunately for Ama, the second album bombed despite the successful collab with Glamma Kid in between. What WEA should have done was got Club Asylum to remix the whole album. Their stellar work in sprucing up the otherwise snorefest Imagine into the best summer smash that never was testifies to that. The crucial addition? Speed.

Freed from schmaltzy production, the Ama vocal is forced to compete with itself whilst that classic beat and simple 2step flourishes weave a masterpiece that would definitely have been on the stereo whilst chugging a fishbowl or ten. The money shot occurs around the two minute thirty part, the track seemingly meandering out before the vocal counterplay comes waltzing back in to love you endlessly.

Shola Ama - Imagine (The Asylum remix) (removed)
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It's a pity the next track on the album is by Gabrielle. Despite the best efforts of Artful Dodger it's most definitely a skip. Two more tracks from this record to go. Sadie Ama for 2010 by the way??

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you - I had a massive crush on Shola, especially (dare I say it) when she got a bit, er, chubby!