Monday, 14 December 2009

blast from the past: UK garage - the album pt. 3

The third installment of my shameless nostalgia for the turn of the decade garage tubes picks up the pace today. By now, you know the score. The cream of the vocal crop getting down with the killer producers of the day. The last two episodes were a showcase for the talents of Kristine Blond and Shola Ama, more than ably assisted by the maestros of Club Asylum. Amongst the buddies exposed to the legendary Ministry of Sound compilation though, the general consensus was that this was the monster tune.

The plaudits swap hands this time, going to Sunship crew.
They did the rounds at the Craig David remix party to good effect.
Hardly surprising that their 7 Days opens this classic album.
Flowers was / is their calling card though.

Leanne Brown and Catherine Cassidy (aka Sweet Female Attitude) provide the vocal heat and the Sunship crew do the rest. The sweet stuff comes thick and fast, the 'eh-eh-eee' segment only outdone by the the synth whoosh that sounds like a crashing spaceship being filmed then rewound with pleasing regularity. This oozes class at every fucking corner, this is absolutely crying out for a 2010 cover. If somebody wants to bring the beats, I'll bring the voice. Not sure if I can muster up a cream fur-hood parka though.

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers (Sunship Mix)

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///check back next Monday for the final installment of blast from the past: UK Garage.

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