Monday, 14 December 2009

clicks like that

Joe Flory has sure been biding his time.
Mess Detective is a christmas stocking full of off-cuts and skewed demos that didn't
quite make the cut for the full length that's sure to be topping lists come end of 2k10.
Released today on free download. Exciting? Yes. All over the shop in a self-assured way that makes me think Primary 1 dances to his beat and his alone. Which means he will wriggle away from any pigeonholes that "journalists" seek to push him into.

Primary 1 - Clicks Like That

Clicks Like That is a direction I'd love to see explored more in the future; a four minute Monday morning rapture. Trop délicat, a flurry of guitar harmonics enfold you from the off. One line repeats, another comes in and I'm dragged out from under the duvet. It stretches out, thermal soft bass synths and pitter-patter percussion ramp it up, more layers sneak in all the time. Momentum is sustained, built up and never allowed to run away. Reined in, at the Hallogalloesque heart of this lies a perfect dynamic and a warm, fuzzy centre you just wanna climb inside.

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