Thursday, 10 December 2009

far too smart

Former shatsat fave Jay Jay Pistolet has laid down his guitar.
No doubt set to reemerge next year as a mysterious synth-pop maestro
with a mullet like all the other reinventions that crop up these days.
Seriously though, I'm excited and totally unaware of what the future holds for Justin.

In the meantime, Justin has decided to release a CD to tie up loose ends.
In exchange for a fiver, you get 25 songs.
Many unreleased gems including a Kissy Sell Out remix and a Daniel Johnston cover as well as the Happy Birthday You EP.
You know what to do.

Looking back at his oeuvre, his words stand out. They wouldn't stand out if he wasn't in possession of the requisite tools. Self-styled as a folk storyteller, Justin toed the line of timelessness with pithy reverb-laden tales of a boy and his dreams that overflow with detail.

The constant trick up his sleeve was the swiftest of gearchanges from doe-eyed damaged sweetheart to contemptous meanie. So sharp, it's almost violent. It meant he could pull off heartwrenching carcrash narratives like Holly without ever coming across as sentimental. You never see the kick in the teeth coming but when it comes it's really no surprise. The version below works even better for the croaky cracked quality of the vocal.

Jay Jay Pistolet - Holly (demo)

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