Thursday, 3 December 2009

i thought i was crazy cos you told me so

In lieu of creating boring boring lists, apart from the faintly glamourous one which will emerge soon, I took the decision to recount a few of the songs / bands I have deeply enjoyed over the last decade with a bunch of pretty words that relate somehow.
Condensing my faves into some kind of order is not my kind of fun.

Whisky thursdays seem like the best way of combatting the incessant chill that silently beats about the windows. The Talisker fug descends, bringing with it the sensation of being in a warm bath for a smattering of fleeting instants. Shut the window, curtains, door. Ferme la fenetre, rideaux, porte. You're going to have to leave the house at some point but bathing in coldwarm melancholy on the divan seems to be all that's on the menu for now. Knock back another small. It's not like business has been booming lately.

The Dears - The Second Part

///taken from 'No Cities Left' where you can hear more of Lightburn's morosely tender outpourings


Robin Boothroyd said...

Hmm. I'm not sure that the above is actually The Dears. Mostly because it's the song from Les Poupées Russes, the instrumental one.

Anonymous said...

first catch your hare, then cook him........................................

jehan said...

yeah it's the only song in my itunes.

Anonymous said...

I am final, I am sorry, but it not absolutely approaches me.

Gynexin Reviews said...

Interesting list, thanks - and I like the way you put it all together. Enjoyed it!Gynexin