Thursday, 17 December 2009

le responsable revisite

Welcome to some skewed French touch superhero saga.
Old classics excavated and put to sultry grooves evoking:

NYE boat parties by the Seine or the Cote d'Azur.
Velvet ropes unhooked and rehooked.
you swan around in the borrowed Dior suit you pretend is yours.
The morning after and the night before run hand in hand along the beach,
two sugars double dropping in your morning coffee please,
that bitch of a "DJ" stole the champagne you pilfered for your own means.
Swimming in the dawn blows the cobwebs away
but you still can't remember the name of the belle of hier soir.
She didn't reveal that much but she didn't need to. Executed with total panache.
Don't take off your sunglasses.
The stains on the seat just won't come out and
somebody's going to have to foot the bill.
Put it on the AMEX and make sure you give the garcon a tip.

Plaisir de France - Le Responsable Revisite

Plaisir de France - Juliette Revisite

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