Wednesday, 9 December 2009

this friday: the twelves @ laser club

If shimmering filter house a la francaise is your bag, then don your dancing shoes and get on down to Old Street this Friday for Laser Club. Sadly I am actually in Paris sampling the real deal and plotting with the RM crew, so unfortunately my RSVP went back negative. It's a crying shame as The Twelves don't just press play. It all goes down live and improvised, remixing on the fly. The first hundred through the door also get a signed copy of the Twelfth Hour Mix CD. I couldn't ask for more, except a free Eurostar ticket for Friday night so I could rock up just as this belter shoots out the traps.

The Virgins - Rich Girls (The Twelves remix)

Did I mention it's their only London date? Buying tickets in advance is advised or you might have to go to Last Days of Decadence. It might actually be worth me coughing up, coming back and flogging said Mix CD on ebay to cover my shortfall. Para One is playing Social Club though.

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