Friday, 15 October 2010

the beginning of the end.

And that's all folks.
Shattered satellite.
Thanks for reading and listening.

Obviously, I'm still going to be out and about,
so stay tuned to this particular post. I'll keep you in the loop.
Time for a beer.

one day we will be free

Bona fide house classic.
Crisp, sleek, golden reimagining by Findlay Brown.
Tempted me out of retirement. Oh, the irony.
Out on Record Makers.
who add the classic remix chops of Villa, Acid Washed, Hypnolove and Mellow
to accompany Pilooski's storming edit.

Findlay Brown - Promised Land

Friday, 3 September 2010

acid washed september mix

I picked up the phone.
"Come out of retirement, please Jehan."
No, I absolutely refuse. Who is this?
Oh alright then, what you got?

Our September mix.
Tracklisting /// download link

1. Visti & Meyland “Stars” – Rodion Mammarela Remix (Bear Funk)
2. The KDMS “High Wire” (GOMMA)
3. Invisible Strobe “Outlaw” (SEEK)
4. Oh Land “Son of a Gun” – Yuksek Remix (Plant Music)
5. Discodeine “Singular” – It´s a Fine Line Remix (DIRTY)
6. Rodion “The Logical Song” (GOMMA)
7. Acid Washed “Acid Washed” – Digikid 84 Remix (Record Makers)
8. Eli Escobar “Love Thing” (Plant Music)
9. Hankat “Be The First” – Acid Washed Remix (Sound of Copenhagen)
10. Logo “La Vie Moderne” (Feat. Piu Piu) – French Fries & Tony Senghore Remix (Kitsune)
11. Djs Pareja “Brutal” (I´m Single)
12. Blackstrobe “Sometimes funky people are dressed in black” (Supersoul)

DANGER has done a remix?!
"Franck has outdone himself."
Sure got that right.
This sounds like landing on the moon on acid.
Get your shuttle ticket / download here.

"Acid Washed" Danger's Remix by Acid Washed

Oh now I'm in the mood.
I simply must post the original. exclusive. naturally.
And the Stuff remix for good measure. Download here.
I can't get enough of this space-disco.
I'm going back to retirement now. I need to lie down.
"Don't forget to tell them about our EP. It's got Mickey Moonlight and The Hacker and Digikid and." I hung up the phone already. buy it if you like. they are playing CAMP in London too.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

each and every day

Pretty much every day during
my summer in Nottingham.
At a quarter to one, I would jump in my car
and drive to the pool.
It would usually take the length of this song.
That was my warmup.

Taken from Total 10.
A Kompakt album.


Seven Staropramens had seared an untimely hole in my wallet on a balmy October evening.
Earlier that night, I'd felt for the first time the heart-pumping euphoria where live music and alcohol criss-cross and interlock on the shores of intoxication island. I was meant to be back within the hour to help out with the party. It was for charity.

Charity had been hurled out the window though, I needed more.

I needed something. I needed.
A kebab.
Onwards to Forman St.

To that most beautiful of purveyors of greasy rat-stick meat.
I waited in the queue replaying the concert in my mind.
My stomach burbled with Prague's finest.

Electric Soft Parade - Thing's I've Done Before

Why is it that 97.9% of all kebabs in the United Kingdom
tend to consist of a
single pitta bread
packed with more cardboard lamb
than can possibly fit inside the pitta?
Let alone the poxy polystyrene case.

These thoughts were resounding round my pissed-up little brain
as I stumbled towards Queens St about to clamber onto
my safe ride home. The 45 bus.

I was distracted momentarily by the chilli sauce
and greasy cardboard lamb trails that had left a stain
upon my blue, blue jeans. Nothing to worry.

Electric Soft Parade - The American Adventure

The 45 bus deviated from its course.
It did not go up Woodborough Road.
It was going in the opposite direction.

We had taken the 44A bus!
Being the wasted fools we were,
cutting our losses was the only sensible option to take.

Electric Soft Parade - Chaos

We disembarked onto a ringroad,
where there we waited, thumbs extended.
Motorists continued to whizz by for what seemed like an age
until one kind soul let us hitchhike all the way back to Bridgford.


On a serious note, the White brothers are immensely talented.
Their voices + piano >>>>>> all the kebabs in the entire world.
The American Adventure is a lost classic. Buy it.

a little lost

Over the last three years
Arthur Russell's music has made a deep impression
so it only felt right to include him in this blog marathon.

Arthur Russell - A Little Lost

Nobody captures the feeling of being lost
in a dreamy loveland with two suns.
One called joy.
The other called melancholy.
Subtle pop music at its finest.

hopelessly poor // die regenschwarme

I sought respite from the constant connection to my laptop.
A change from the endless personal admin I don't especially care for.
A change of scenery. Catching up with my brother.

Our destination was Hamburg. Only going for a weekend was deemed excessive by some.
People are less prone to acting on the spur of the moment; the advent of google everything means everything can be planned, tweaked, documented, counter-argued, ratified to the point where boundaries between actually doing things and talking about doing them online get blurred.

I just wanted to escape London and see my favourite artist of the last few years. Barbican tickets had sold out and I wanted adventure.

Moments after arriving in Hamburg, we realised our grasp of German was hopeful at best. The skies scowled at us. So we purchased regenschwarme and just wandered around Hamburg.

Kings of Convenience - Stay Out Of Trouble

Enjoying a sumptous Chinese a bit too much made for the laughable situation of actually missing the first ten minutes of the performance we had travelled nearly 600 miles for and endured the agony of RyanAir without headphones at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning.

The performance was incredible. Stay Out Of Trouble revealed exquisite depths I didn't know existed. I bunked off work a few days later to go see them on the South Coast. Back in Hamburg, Erlend was DJ'ing at the afterparty next door to whoever cared to stay around. Utter perfection would have been achieved if my favourite Norwegian had happened to have possessed the Fred Falke remix of Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive. What's worse, my brother broke the habit of a lifetime and neglected to bring his iPod.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)

interview: savoir adore

I don't have time in this blog marathon to write up the interview.
So I'm just going to post the audio file. I caught up with Savoir Adore just after their
barnstorming show at The Social. Paul shattered a glass, I mocked Deidre's name pronunciation. There is some random interlopers as well. I don't know who he is. Drummer Timmy had some choice words.

They were also very kind to give me some CDs which I proceeded to lose then find again to great comic effect. Eighteen minutes long. Batman can't even really fly.

Savoir Adore Interview

They were the nicest people I have ever interviewed. Fitting last interview.
Scope out their wares below. Moments of their show made me think of stars, which is probably the loftiest of compliments I can give to any boy / girl music band. I'm lying. I obviously can't remember. I'm going to do a proper interview someday. Totally music to catch you unawares and fall for. Their album is out now.

In part, I was still reeling from the performance of Bad Bad Bird, the support band. The backing singer / recorder player, Ross, happened to go to my school, so that was a pleasant surprise. The last time I saw him sing was for a Battle of the Bands, where as part of a foursome, he completely rinsed Back For Good by Take That. It remains one of the finest vocal performances I've ever seen. Seriously high. They need to get to a studio fast, but they are the East Midlands' answer to Talking Heads. If you want more, they have a myspace, but at this stage I'd advise you to check out their youtube channel. Apparently, the performance below was the first time that song was played live.

They also need to do a video in the rain. It was seriously mindblowing, he made the falsetto that sounds positively weak on Barlow's part around the 2:43 mark sing like a choir of angels dancing in magnolia skies or some soppy crap like that.

mermaid surfwave

This song deserves to be a TV-series theme tune.
Probably from the 80's. I'm going to call it Mermaid Surfdance.
About a bunch of mermaids that come from under the sea
to become world champion surfers in Florida,
but really the whole thing is a big ruse somehow related to narcotics.
Think Miami Vice meets Cool Runnings meets The Little Mermaid.

Junior Bacon - High Endurance (demo)

Anyway, Junior Bacon is still on the rise.
This joint ain't even cooked all the way through yet.
Still gives me shivers though, the effects progression reminds me of Guy-Man in his pomp.
Sexual Sportswear, Veridis Quo, you get me?

way yes

Way Yes are a sprightly three-piece from Ohio.
Theirs is a pop that shimmers and slinks
like feathers rushing along coconuts.
Everything is clear, distinct and lush.
Skulking bass, lazy vocals, crunchy guitars.
Yes please. Get their EP on bandcamp for more.

Way Yes - Cinnamon

Glenn of the group, being the baller chap that he is
was only too kind to do a remix of the first Stella Mortos record
which you'll find below. Taut, funky and stripped to the bones.
Sign up to the mailing list on myspace if you want the MASKS one.

turn to dust

FOE gets in front of the camera for a lipstick smeared joy-ride into her
macabre world. Girl works in a pharmacy, surrounded by death, jaded smack-heads and surburban bores. All day. Every day. I've got her album demos on the stereo now and boy oh boy has the world got treats in store.

Throwing the likes of Radiohead, The Kills, Nirvana into a giant melting pot. Manning the cauldron in this case adding plenty of special ingredients is Entrepreneurs, dap hand that he is also produced this clip. All in a day's work.

Working titles currently include the delightful Show Me The Sars, also the title of her tumblr. Runaway favourite so far is Merry Go Down, a lush lullaby to burn holes in your hearts and your bibles.

Until then, make do with this remix of rollocking demo, Charity Cases.
by Dalston good-time scoundrels, Is Tropical. Spectral outro is a forest-fire waiting to happen.


Music gets everywhere these days, the next step after synchronisation into adverts, films is probably subliminal. Beauty of this is that it his the power to hit you where you least fucking expect it. The emotional heft of these moments is paydirt I'm sure. Moment in question links to the recent video game experience, Red Dead Redemption. One of the cutscenes unfurls like the heavens into a previously unreleased song by Jose Gonzales.

Okay, I didn't actually play it, I can't play videogames anymore due to addiction problems, would get more addicted than Hersheys.

My man FC did though and the sense of awe instilled in him didn't lay dormant for long. The wistful nature of the original gets bolted on to the back of a train heading forwards-backwards into the distance. A glistening, throbbing mirage.

Him and his crew in Gentilly have been practicing like nobody's business.
The live show is now intense, and I just can't wait for them to get in their studio and match it.

Geste - Ohm Sick

perfecto baby

Letherette are the latest apple in my eye. Smooth and crisp, I can't help but read into names but this duo sound like masters of the good-cop bad-cop routine. One hand backslaps whilst the other invites you into a warm embrace. I can't decide which way to turn, or where to go with this. I'm running out of time, deadline day is gonna be over soon. What I'm trying to say is that this is sexy as hell and packs a punch. Their mix for BTS radio is a total, utter joy.

Letherette - Blad


He was walking in loose circles.
The pink sun scorched him through the trees.
So many fucking trees.

His face was covered in a combination of peanut butter and gateaux.
The patissier really went for him, assailing him with all manner of carefully crafted
sweet delights. Stumbling he continued to stumble through, lost in the middle of the forest, may as well have been the middle of the world. It would not come off, at the beginning he liked it, hell it even fired up something he thought was long lost. At the beginning A. said it was a good look, but after a while, it started to feel like claustrophia, custard-style. And the flies refused to desist in their onslaught. His kingdom for a lake.

///uv been robbed (joking, but not) ///
for download on bandcamp now.

revenge platter video coming soon.

cold fingers

The above is not as good as the below.
I wasn't there though. Eight years is a fucking age.

pattern+grid world

My memory of Sonar is hazy unsurprisingly.
I know I made the right decision tough as it was, ignoring the party epic LCD for the sedately, intense Flying Lotus. Got told later that it wasn't him at his vintage, but who gives a flying fuck. Most vintage stuff tastes great no matter when you drink it.


I met Pedro in Watergate the other Thursday. Both pretty far gone as it were, as the riverside sunshine heralded Friday. What followed can loosely be described as goldengate, berghain, bar25, dancing, dancing, dancing, gin, beer, nausea and elation.

He usually resides in Barcelona, making the most beautiful deep house. The above is currently on repeat. Released on John Talabot's label, hivern discs, on their latest compilation which I am about to purchase here. My spanish isn't really much cop, but I think it translates as the fleeting truth. Fits.

Speaking of Senor Talabot. Try the below workout by my favourite tranceout kale lovers, Blondes.

lunar milewide

Egyptian Hip Hop have come out of their hideout with Hud-Mo to serenade the world.
Moon Crooner is their new calling card, a worthy replacement for Rad Pitt. Lost in layers of synths like hotplates are fragile vocals that can't help but bend and stutter all over the shop, leaving a trail of party dust that urges you to be there, but in the same insouciant motion is totally lost at sea. ///photo

Egyptian Hip Hop - Moon Crooner

tell the barmaid she's got pretty eyes

I first caught sight of Evryone in the Old Queens Head in their upstairs room. Speaking to Tom before on the way to and from Sainsburys beforehand gave away not the slightest indication of the behemoth of a voice that lay in store. It added a slightly surreal slant on the evening, as their performance was pure raw power, like a ferris-wheel spinning so fast the g-force starts to fuck with your jaw.
On record, it's reigned in a little more and emits something altogether more mellow, dareisay vaudeville. Doors cast open to another world, nostalgia coated skating around and around and around.

Chris also moonlights as slightly, and his deft touch with a sampler never ceases to reel me in. Prolific as hell, he's got irons in the fire and you can follow his meanderings on his tumblr. as they dance between jazz piano, the world out there whilst doffing his cap to all the greatest sampler wielding badman. Don't need to name names, his weapon of choice is the 303, and the joint below wrests a sunset riff away from Joni leaving it helplessly floundering in paradise.

slightly - MANY MANSIONS

Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Bringing a record into the world resembles closely a game often played on friends that fall prematurely asleep on an evening. For those of you unaware, it involves hitting them gently in the face whilst shouting"Lemoncake, Lemoncake, Lemoncake" until they wake up. Upon awakening, the recipient is then to be soothed back into sleep with "sssssshes" and gentle caresses. The process is repeated until it stops becoming funny / the sun comes up.

I use this analogy because everything that comes with manufacturing a record - the hurdles of artwork, distribution, public relations eventually start to feel like being hit gently and repeatedly in the face whilst someone shouts Lemoncake in your ear incessantly. The reason people actually do it is because the moment when the needle drops and the record starts playing equates to total dreamland.

With this in mind,
submit yourself to a side of DoubleDenim's debut 7".
and click here for their bigcartel.
Total dreamland.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Yesterday saw the official release of double A-side 'Hunting Roger Rabbit' / 'Six Severed Hates' by Entrepreneurs. Remixes coming soon from MASKS, Way Yes and Laurel Halo, but before that I figured I'd give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes peek at the final manufacturing stage.

The artwork was designed by Dan Jamieson and Katrin Rhys, based currently in Hackney Wick. Dan and I went to school, and even used to go to art workshops at the local library where I remember making treasure maps look old with tea bags. Nostalgia aside, Dan studied Painting at Camberwell College of Arts whilst Katrin studied graphic design at Kingston University. Blatantly both going to be rich and famous one day.

Their remit was to design artwork for the EP, their surreal face-melted beauty looking decidedly imposing, unsettling yet pretty which fits the music. It was too strong to omit from the 7", nostrils taking pride of place on side A. You'll see it crop up in the upcoming Revenge Platter video also.

Bathroom / printing plant.

This is a silk screen. Incredible to see close-up how this process actually works.

Everyone is different, due to the nature of screen printing in this way, which I like. Some have blemishes that aren't really blemishes, they provide character. The Stella Mortos logo comes in a multitude of different colours, ocean blue being my favourite. If any people familiar with Entrepreneurs' past would like to take a stab at why I named the label thus, post correctly in the comments and you'll win a vinyl. For the rest of you, get ordering. I have secreted a discount code somewhere in this post.

Monday, 9 August 2010

a spree

Write this off at your peril.
The chorus will stay with you like the stains on your clothes after four-day benders. You have no idea where they are from. I have no idea what they are singing. If choruses were best friends, this would be the kind that instantly endears itself to everyone one and never fades from popularity plinth. Totally irrepressible.

Leisure - A Spree (demo)

Sure, Leisure make obvious nods to Albarn & co with their fresh-faced pop, but with tunes as white-hot as these, any aspersions or pastiche claims get tossed aside like rotten apples.
Rumours abound of grade-A producers getting involved.
Their gig at 93 Feet East on August 20th is guaranteed to be a stormer.

Saturday, 31 July 2010


So working backwards. About forty-five minutes before this interview with Blondes at Spanky Van Dykes, I had a chat with George and Cal about D/R/U/G/S. The reason this interview is shorter is because after three minutes, we decided it was time to chase the dragon. Obviously. In fact, I took the above picture after we all got really high. D/R/U/G/S can do that to people.

What’s been your worst drug moment?
C: Nothing spectacular, just standard horrible comedowns. We’re not like massive crackheads. Some girl did give me crack to smoke last year, by accident though, I thought it was just a bong of weed. That was horrible. Never again.

G: First time on MD, didn’t know how much to take.
Ended up bombing a whole gram of really strong stuff. I lost my mind.

C: That was bad.
G: Felt like I was in……what d’ya call it?...that film
C: What film?
G: With Johnny Depp?

J: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
C: Oh right!
G: Some of the things I saw that night!

Cliché, but drugs. all about euphoria and paranoia no?

C: It’s an unnatural high, the whole Buddhist way of thinking is pretty accurate. It is harming the body, ‘cause you’re achieving an unnatural high and the whole point of the band...why we picked the band name ‘cause you wanna achieve that natural high without using drugs. You can actually do that through music. I’ve had moments like that, specific moments.


G: We’ve not named it because we love drugs.
C: That’s the reaction we tend to get, which is understandable.
G: It does seem like an obvious band name!

I’m more intrigued as to why you use the slashes?

C: Oh yeah?
G: So it can be googled.
C: Solely just to google it
G: If you google drugs, what you gonna get?
G: Ten million responses, you won’t find us.
G: It’s just a visual aesthetic to make it stand out. Probably change it to dots soon.

Love / Lust flickers in a way I find agreeable.
D/R/U/G/S/ - Love /Lust

Friday, 30 July 2010

interview: blondes

Blondes are Zach Steinman and Sam Haar. I caught up with them just before they recently wowed a crowd of three or four hundred dozen at Spanky Van Dykes in Nottingham the other day. Moondance is typically glorious, sprawling shifty Gottsching-esque visco trance. I say visco-trance because it makes me feel like I’m in lots of different places and in most of these places I’m dancing and punching the air like in a discotheque. Viscous means sticky and thick.

Blondes - Moondance

I didn’t really ask them about music, I figured I’d leave that to the professionals. This is probably the point where I should tell you the interview is after the jump or something, it's not. Sorry.

What’s your favourite blonde?
Zach: I’m gonna try and do a range.
Faye Dunaway. Wasn’t she blonde? No, she just recently died.
Sam: She died right after dead boy.

J: Dead boy?
S: Heath Ledger
Z: No, she was upstaged by Michael Jackson.
S: Meg Ryan. All of them.
Z: Lauren Conrad, Meg Ryan.

Who would you rather kill? Superman or Batman:
Z: Superman. I was just never a superman fan.
S: I would say Batman though, cos you’d have a chance.

Last record you loved / killed?
S: Telepathe – Devil’s Trident 7”.

What’s the best thing about Merok?
S: Busy.
Z: Busy the Dog. He’s Milo’s dog. He’s an English bull-terrier.
S: Besides that.
Z: Everyone else.
S: They’re a bunch of good people. All the music on there’s wonderfully eclectic.

What’s your favourite meal?
Z: Big burrito fan.
S: I really like kale.
Z: Come on.
S: I really like kale.
Z: Just for the record, I call bullshit.
S: What? What?
Z: You do like kale, but it’s not your meal.
S: I like it so much.
Z: It’s not a meal.
Z: You do like it a lot.
S: It is my favourite meal.
Z: Alright, it’s in the favourite meal.

So there you have it.
D/R/U/G/S on the way.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

love is spent.

The sky screamed foreboding. The weather girl told otherwise, uncomfortably holding this vacuous grin. It comes from trying to pass off information you received only a split-second ago as expertise. I can't believe you actually liked it, I mean anybody can wave their hands around and read autocue.

Sudden thunderstorms were never your thing though. You preferred to run like clockwork. I thought I'd surprise you for lunch that day, only to surprise myself recognizing that same grin plastered clumsily all over the face of your colleague. You fucking bastard.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

native speaker

Lemonade is sugar, water and lemons
Sweet, reassuring and bitter.

The tallest glass can vanish in a flash, if you're thirsty.
Some days, there's nothing better.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

breaking up on entry

This song by the ganja-vadge loving Gayngs makes me sad.
It's as if George Michael never did dance again and stumbled guiltily
onto a space-craft where he now orbits Planet Love, hoping one day
he will re-enter its atmosphere. Instead, he just gets lean and crashes his hovercraft into asteroid belts in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Friday, 16 July 2010

the world ended already

I wanna get to bed.
She made that face.

Well what do you expect?
said the sky
This is what happens.
The world ended already. and you want go to sleep?

I thought this was just a tranquil voice
floating on the air
This post-apocalyptic mess-tale
just got a whole lot more sinister.
Danzie's dawn daffodil lullaby fell into the hands of
Tempur Pedic and now I'm starting to feel uneasy.
More on him later.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

eat your heart out

Bubblegunk is one of those pure, unashamed supreme pop moments.
The all out pop 'afterthought' for you to dance in the street in
after consuming Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not).

Entrepreneurs - Bubblegunk

If this throwback synth spectacular doesn't soundtrack your summer,
there is something wrong with you.
There is nothing else to say really.
Massive grins all-round.
Eddie Van Halen would eat his grandma for that guitar solo.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Weird and beautiful.
Old school meeting new school.
Somewhere in between all that is Laurel Halo's new clip.
Auto-piloting her own dreams, whilst singing into the camera.
These subconscious flights of fancy
as realised by Josef Kraska
glimmer with zealous intent. It weirds me out a little.
Like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters. Get the King Felix EP in your life now.

This is a remix for How To Dress Well.
As you would expect, she takes the Brooklyn bedroom producer to a far off place.
Calling someone a bedroom producer
can make them sound like they produce bedrooms.
Fancy that.

Laurel Halo - The Cult of Optimism

As well as turning me onto all kinds of amazingly weird visual videos
she also makes a killer mix.
Head to Warmer Climes.

Monday, 12 July 2010

if i even felt it at all

'I think I felt it back there,
only for a minute
if I even felt it all

There was a thickness that hung
in the air
but now it's thinning
Everything is opening up'

Long Long Long are from Nova Scotia.
Their music fizzes with youthful abandon, grinning at you from ear to ear.
Rousing moments to shake you, precious pockets to hide in, everything loosened up and running on whiskey autopilot or some shit like that.
Their latest and greatest, Shorts, is on bandcamp, follow their name to
Let the good times roll. They already did. Did they?

Sunday, 11 July 2010

safe as mansions

Twenty two seconds of stacatto electronic perfection to put you in a trance.
Cover your eyes
swimming in a pool of darkness.
Beautiful echoes
a rush of intimacy.

Rich and wounded, playful yet doused in melancholy
Chris Edley's voice on this track is elegant to the max.

It feels like wearing your favourite jacket when you're home alone
and nobody will ever see you in it.

Friday, 9 July 2010

stella mortos

I was always going to put out a record at some point. This is the first.
Entrepreneurs is the artist. Hunting Roger Rabbit and Six Severed Hates are the tracks.
You can hear a preview above, kindly created by Forrest Tramp.

More on the tracks themselves at another time.
For now I'm going to talk about the object itself.
Each of the 300 vinyls is to be screenprinted by hand
by Dan & Katrin.

Every one will come with a lyric sheet, some will be hand-written.
Some of them will have pages from Entrepreneurs' notebook.
The first few will get a hip-hop beats CD entitled The Super-Ego: Dustbugs.
Head over to the Stella Mortos bigcartel now. Don't delay, buy today.

Entrepreneurs - Brooklands - taken from The Super-Ego: Dustbugs

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

faking jazz together

I first saw Connan Mockasin nearly four years ago.
He cuts a strange figure always.
The opening moments of this glisten with beauty
like a soundtrack to sad, forgotten home movies that have been on loop for eons
Tumbling down rabbitholes into guitars that coo
'I know, don't worry, I'm here, still'
Vast expanses shimmering through the eyes of needles.

Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

desperation tentacles

I love the pace of it. Imposed by the crispest of beats.
Winding up and around, before joyfully exploding into a guitar solo of simple, angry elegance.
The kind you'd probably take home to your ma, if it didn't have a paper bag over it's head.
Broken Social Scene take the Rescue Rooms tonight.


Mr. Flash is pure macaroon hip hop 'lectro.
I'm talking gooey, green pistachio shit.
One bite and you're hooked like a fly
caught in treacle.

Any escape is beautifully hindered, turbo charged glucose getaways destined to crash and burn.
Sinking back in feels so great, like lolling inside a bean-bag filled with serotonin, sunglasses and marshmallows.

Mr Flash - Powerlight

Whilst Breakbot is the poster-boy for Ed Bonger's deux mille dix renaissance, Mr. Flash's Blood, Sweat and Tears is the royale with cheese. No releases from him since the maiden sortie. Lucky Number ain't no fools, they know a star on the rise when they see one, and they got him to put everybody's favourite jew-fro hipster through the macaroon magique mill.

(via IM // UR)

Take a look at the clip for this single.
If the remix were to have a clip, the love interest would be Heather D'Angelo fo' sho.
It's a brilliant remix because it catapults Darwin Deez out of his melancholy, his croon taking on an altogether sexier tone, riding waves and waves of taut-tight macrooon 'lectro funk.

Monday, 21 June 2010

magique ordinateur

In a pastlife I pictured a world of bilious daffodils and childlike glee.
Danzie continues to swim around, the pace has quickened a little.
Still retaining and exuding a gentle quality, this makes for the perfect
soundtrack to a covert safari slowdance.
Scope out the rest of her oeuvre on Soundcloud.

Electronic Fences by Computer Magic


Computer Magic - Immediate Cause of Sleep

anml life

I always get sand in my shoes.
More cerveza-water-beer men keep appearing.
They carry little red cans of the tastiest beer in the whole of the world.
I don't want to leave. I know I'll have to.
teams fill me with a giddy all-over sensation.
Recalling every beach party I've ever been to.