Friday, 22 January 2010

anyway you want

Moods are such fickle fuckers. I can't help but be non-committal at times.
Something, someone catches your eye and you blink a few times. I don't believe in love. Who does? It doesn't pay to fall for such pithy expressions, sure those feelings exist and falling under their spell is fine, in many senses of the word. Twin Sister know what I'm talking about, their hands pulling from pockets little sonic packages that maraude with heartbreaking intent. Prolonging the agony is the only way they know. Dry Hump delves deep into these extended pauses that give you enough rope to tie your stomach into all kinds of lovelorn figure of eights.

Twin Sister - Dry Hump

It could easily be storytime down at the ranch with strums hushing in a new dawn; the sky darkened by warm, celestial slides that glide all over me with uneasy grace. Holding off, biding time before pouncing with the perfect counter. A vocal pierces the solitude with a cry that reassures me that solitude is actually alright. You'd gladly pick up the tab, whatever she asks. I don't know what she's asking for and my voice has disappeared though. Hers hasn't, it soars and cracks over furtive bass and dances all over my heart with playful abandon. The fadeout is pure distilled bedtime story, twinkle eyes and Jack.


Jess said...

Mon amour, the download link does not work.

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I'm happy you using my image, but in future could you please message or clear it with me first and credit the image back to me, thanks!