Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Apologies for the quietness of late, I decided to cheat winter's cold embrace and escape to the safe haven of amigos in Buenos Aires. If I had carte blanche to do more than eat the best steak in the world and get a tan, I'd slip this deft beauty on by slightly before pouring myself a Quilmes and watching the world fly by.

Pepper Haights, who drums for Broadcast 2000, lifts a sample from a jazz great. Amongst the vinyl hiss and crackle a lush suspension forms. Pure manna from heaven. It drops and drops and drops, lurching into gorgeous hiphop shimmers with shots of bass-funk filling in the gaps. Throwing a glance at the past in all its faded, yellowing glory and reemerging with something fresh and ephemeral.

slightly - the key

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