Wednesday, 17 February 2010

shadow sifter

Head up to Dalston and somewhere you'll find a dungeon. Except it isn't really a dungeon, it's a bedroom belonging to Marmaduke's. His day job is soon to be a-touring the country with soon to be massive Babe Shadow, who are supporting the gargantuan pop machine and Florence. The aforementioned guitar-slingers are purveyors of timeless, rousing good-time melodies, irresistibly constant little reminders to seize every moment and lose yourself at the same time.

Babe Shadow - Heart (via Abeano)

Marmaduke's nascent output is altogether more fractured, blessed with far too much light for it ever really feel like a dungeon. Sure, in brobdingnagian adventure there are moments that flicker with harrowing possibilities, but on the whole it feels like a glorious sojourn in the shade.

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