Sunday, 28 March 2010

colour your life

Waiting in the studio car park, I stuck Twin Sister's latest on.
It was dark and nobody else was around. Everybody else was late.

'Car stereos are perfect for stereo effects'.

I thought to myself.

I could have waited for hours. I drifted off into somewhere between the desert and the disco, dancing on telephone wires made of out of dry ice. Atmosphere and tension seep out of every second, menacingly tender and naked. The star turns tend to come from the aptly named Andrea Estrella (star en espagnol kids), her vocal pirouettes gliding, sliding around on a dirty, feedback-fur rug. It will drag you down in the most delightful way.

Drawing you into a world, sculpted from moments held onto a fraction too long, emerging unsteady into the daylight. Found lying on the floor, scattered, fractured and dreamy. Sent on journeys blindfolded back through time then returning through old, musty airwaves adjusted on wireless dials. Jittering forth, sometimes sepia-tinged, other times covered in glitter, gold, sweltering in the heat of the sun and the dancefloor where feline glances quick-fire like a dizzying shoot-out at dawn.

The six-track EP, out on Infinite Best, is mostly muddied gloriously.
Only the final track, Phenomenons sounds clean and fresh from the shower.

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