Wednesday, 17 March 2010

zombie telecom

Kavinsky returns. With a star-studded cast. Guy-Manuel is back producing for Record Makers again but the dream team doesn't stop there. The zombie called in Lovefoxxx to duet on Nightcall. On mixing duties is none other than SebastiAN. Remixes come from the true electro pioneer of the last decade, Jackson, and the mysterious newcomer. Dustin NGuyen.

The aforementioned collab-fest is a departure in terms of sound for Vinco. Sultry undertones emanate from Nightcall from the moment the quarter drops in the payphone. You're whisked into a lush world, not too dissimilar to the universe inhabited by Sébastien Tellier on Sexuality. The difference is a subtle one, but nonetheless telling, zombie foreboding oozing out at every corner. Lovefoxxx brings out a warmth in Kavinsky that you never knew was there.

Nightcall by Kavinsky

Pacific Coast Highway is a classic Kavinsky vignette, a zombie-ghostcar chase. The voiceover segues in and out as his trademark, rich arpeggiated sound develops the mood. A stylish menace that you can't take your eyes off. You keep looking, only to find what you thought you were looking at has vanished. Into thin air. Hoodwink.

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//don't download the Breakbot remix on the blogs. that shit ain't mastered.
More on the remixes another time. Jackson is leading my remix of the year poll.



Definitely going to start using the term, "...from the moment the quarter drops in the payphone" from now on.

jehan said...

for real.