Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Peering through the dusty flap, A. could see the VCR had not been used for a very long time. A viscous liquid was oozing as out as he tried to retrieve the cassette. Reams of murky chocolate tape shot out without warning, looping round his neck and dragging him inside. Blinded by lights, he reached into his bomber to find his shades. The cassette had grown, expanded to surfboard proportions, and there he was hanging ten in some fierce marshmallow meteor storm circa 1993. Everything was clear and distinct, the meteors started to ressemble Chris Glover and A. did all he could to outmanoeuvre them. Misfortune struck, in the shape of one against his temple. The pain jarred. The whole world shivered. He awoke in bed, with headphones on, covered in a mixture of gunk and vomit.

In case you hadn't heard, Entrepreneurs is running his own personal remix of 2010 contest. The first track from his EP is also available for download on Myspace. It's called Revenge Platter. More on that later kids.

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