Friday, 16 April 2010

dalton dealt

For a while, I though Max was lacking the swagger to really pull off his lush, swooning pop. I take it all back. At White Heat, he looked the part. A glorious white scarf was the piece de resistance to a performance that brought to mind a coke-addled Timothy Dalton.

The little touches continue to abound in this gorgeously cosy acoustic performance. The aesthetic is wonderfully distant from your classic teenage YouTube cover. Intimacy conveyed through monochrome, shades and bare feet. It could be the morning after Jojos, the scarf draped in disarray over the microphone stand, the bow-tie neatly hanging above the keys.

Wolf Gang - Back to Back

A different kind of swagger courses out of the Caulfield Beats. His set at The Victoria a few Fridays back caught me cold, then lit the fires behind my eyes and had me sweltering with awe at his sprawling, party pieces. The boy Lawrence takes a few slivers out of Back to Back and sends them soaring on arpeggio firefly cuts that sashay through the air, exploding against the sky like sherbet fireworks. Gloriously askew, wonky and wired electronica that can turn any room, field, open space into party. Be sure to catch him supporting Vitalic in June in London and at the sure-fire party storm that's going to tear The Great Escape a new one, a.k.a Hi, Honey.

The Caulfield Beats - back to back remash ii

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