Monday, 12 April 2010

paced out

A song that births clouds in my head.
Clouds that cast a shadow over the metropolis.
Swooping down, dancing on the pockets, the butterfly closes in
On a lone motorcylist, rushing through the urban landscape.
Weaving in and out of the traffic, an early morning teetering.
One wrong move and it will mean trauma, skilled drivers needn’t worry though.
Everything is under control, despite the uneasy rhythm.

Radiant Dragon - In The Dawn

Radiant Dragon is gradually picking up the pace, developing his own sonic ecosystem. He drags Egyptian Hip Hop into his world below, bathing them in space and understated grace.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Wild Human Child (Radiant Dragon remix)

His album will be out later this year, I’m told.
A remix exchange is on the cards with my favourite screwball, Entrepreneurs. Derelicte

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