Thursday, 6 May 2010

get yours later

Today I was filming a music video. For Entrepreneurs. It involved a lot of home-made gunk, car washes, ice cream and a lot of other lewd shit that is going to send you haywire when it eventually gets through post-production. It's for the debut offering from his new batch of material, an EP entitled Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not). Just so you know, it's pronounced Ah-ve been robbed, not you've. You know like you were walking down the street only to find you've been relieved of all your belongings, a daze descends. There is so much going on, so take a deep breath kids and hit the orange button.
The fourteen seconds before the beats comes in are the perfect introduction to Entrepreneurs signature synth, a dirty hallmark oozing with atmosphere, warm colours. It underpins the whole of this track, in pink and yellow undertones. Battenburg, screwballs, ZAP ice-creams you know. By this time, the beat will have dropped and so will your jaws. Pick yourself up off the floor to find the vocal, a louche croon that skids and slides all over the shop before being put through the mincer, whilst his harmonies fight it out with Hannah Shark's subtle backing.

houses woods houses woods houses houses woods
houses woods houses woods houses houses houses.

This kid knows how to treat vocals. With no respect. Despite the upturned lips, there's still moments of vulnerability laced with funky bass, funky everything, swinging synth solos that dance and teeter, evoking overcooked circuits fried and wide-eyed, drip-drop-dropping with something, not like anything to pass your ears previously. Lyrics are way further off the beaten track than what you'd expect, throwing up statements and tearing them down with equal disdain. I could go on, but I'm gonna save that for another time. Sign up to the list and download if you want a discount on the first vinyl that I'll be putting out independently.

////keep your eyes peeled for other stuff. a remix by radiant dragon will pop up to mailing list subscribers sooooon.

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