Thursday, 13 May 2010

hi, honey super post: MASKS, FOE & the Caulfield Beats interviewed

Calling all people heading down to Brighton. There is only one afterparty tonight worth attending. it's called hi, honey. Read more about it here. Today I thought I'd spoil you with a post of grandiose proportions. Mini-interviews with all the acts on display.

MASKS headline.
Read more about them in the piece I did for DUMMY Magazine.
Their brand of spectral, melodic noise blew me away in an empty Victoria a month ago. Aggressive yet delicate, I'm stoked to see how the deft interplay between the duo goes down in front of their hometown crowd. Their debut EP just dropped on Fear and Records. It's well worth your hard-earned. Personally, can't wait for the first vinyl release. Down to the nitty-gritty

1) What is your earliest childhood memory?
James: Being made to sit on the naughty step at play school, I'm not sure why.Luke: Umm, I forgot.

2) Favourite animal?
James: Squirrel
Luke: Narwhal. They have a narwhal skull at the Booth Museum in Brighton, it's incredible.

3) What is the closest you've ever felt to death?
James: Car crash in Greece outside a military base. They weren't happy.
Luke: Last weekend I climbed around the side of a cliff to prove to my friends that we could get to a secluded piece of sandy beach. Shame I won't be doing that again.

4) Who would you rather kill, Superman or Batman?
James: Batman.
Luke: Superman.

5) In your opinion, what is the most exhilarating thing about Brighton?
James: Pablo's Pizza.
Luke: Pom Poko's Japanese food.

MASKS - Forever Dancing

Next in the hotseat is FOE, aka Hannah Shark. In the months since I first wrote about here, she's been picking all kinds of serious A&R heat. Hardly surprising, her pop-outfit being a delightful contradiction, a glorious blend of butter-wouldn't-melt posturing with sinister undertones. Playing the evil Mark Ronson to her Lily Allen from the wrong side of the tracks is Entrepreneurs. His subtle production touches transform FOE into serious heavyweight contenders. Really proud to be putting on her first proper gig, makes a change from all the label showcases they've been playing of late.

1) What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory. It was during a family holiday in Australia. I fell down some steps and needed stitches in my chin. So I got taken to A&E, where they gave me the most ginormous pink panther cuddly toy to make me feel better. It seemed pretty huge at the time, but I was probably only about 3. Still got the scar.

That or stealing penny sweets from Sainsburys!

2) What is your favourite animal?
I've always liked pandas. I like their black eyes.

3) In your opinion, which is the most exhilarating of all fairground rides? (be specific, name the place)
What's that one at Thorpe Park? I think it's called "Detonator", where you go up really high and then they slam you back down to the ground. Everything in your body feels like it's gone up inside your skull. It's not exhilarating in a good way, fucking horrible actually!

4) What is the closest you've ever felt to death?
Burying my pet cat "Merlin" in the garden, but mainly inside shopping malls.

5) Who would you rather kill, Superman or Spiderman? (and you have to kill one of them.)
As a superhero I much prefer Spiderman. He is far more mysterious! But I dont think I could kill Superman, as I'd have to look him in the eye while I did it! Spiderman's mask would hide the humanity, and so I'd find him far easier to shank, plus his costume would soak up the blood. It wouldn't be as messy.

head over to hi,honey tumblr for the Caulfield Beats part.
My battery is about to die and I need to get myself to Brighton.


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