Thursday, 6 May 2010

hi, honey

flyer by lucas liccini.

So aside from producing a music video, putting out a record, running Record Makers UK HQ from my bedroom and growing a moustache, I got together with some friends who like music and parties, and we came to the conclusion that we should put on some music parties: hi, honey.

The first one will take place in Brighton next Thursday, a seaside jaunt coinciding with the big industry free booze-lake side party fest that is The Great Escape. Ours is more off the beaten track, it's part of the alt. escape. At a place called the Pavilion Tavern, affectionally known as the Pav Tav to locals in the know.

The last time I went to the Pav Tav is not something I can actually recall. I can't actually recall the time before that either. This time, however, is going to be different.

Aside from the eye and ear candy provided by myself, Jamila, Ruth, Kirsten and James, we've assembled a lineup of astronomic awesomeness. The Caulfield Beats will get the show off the road, swiftly followed by the delectable FOE before MASKS blow the doors off. In between, before and after will be the aforementioned Hi, honey DJ massive behind the decks as well as Is Tropical. Previews / interviews et cetera coming next week, so as a parting shot, check shat sat fave of all faves, Entrepreneurs, Rick Ruben-esque take on the splendid Forever Dancing by MASKS.

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Lawrie said...

This is awesome news!
The world will be a better place with one more moustache.

Good luck with the event too!