Tuesday, 11 May 2010

oui love.

Oui Love is taking over my favourite pocket of Farringdon this week,
for une semaine of all things French and musical.
Mercredi, c'est le tour de Record Makers. Celebrating our 10th birthday.
Turzi jouera live en solo. Which is really something to write home about.
Acid Washed are DJ'ing also, always spectacular.
We'll be playing some videos as well.
I'll be playing some classics from the catalogue
and some remixes that never made the light of day.
We'll also be selling some quality vinyl at a cheaper price than our webshop.
Did I mention that also there's going to be vin rouge? Jack Shankly will be behind the bar as well. Is that a deal-maker? No??? What do you mean no? Okay, here have an MP3.

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