Tuesday, 29 June 2010

desperation tentacles

I love the pace of it. Imposed by the crispest of beats.
Winding up and around, before joyfully exploding into a guitar solo of simple, angry elegance.
The kind you'd probably take home to your ma, if it didn't have a paper bag over it's head.
Broken Social Scene take the Rescue Rooms tonight.


Mr. Flash is pure macaroon hip hop 'lectro.
I'm talking gooey, green pistachio shit.
One bite and you're hooked like a fly
caught in treacle.

Any escape is beautifully hindered, turbo charged glucose getaways destined to crash and burn.
Sinking back in feels so great, like lolling inside a bean-bag filled with serotonin, sunglasses and marshmallows.

Mr Flash - Powerlight

Whilst Breakbot is the poster-boy for Ed Bonger's deux mille dix renaissance, Mr. Flash's Blood, Sweat and Tears is the royale with cheese. No releases from him since the maiden sortie. Lucky Number ain't no fools, they know a star on the rise when they see one, and they got him to put everybody's favourite jew-fro hipster through the macaroon magique mill.

(via IM // UR)

Take a look at the clip for this single.
If the remix were to have a clip, the love interest would be Heather D'Angelo fo' sho.
It's a brilliant remix because it catapults Darwin Deez out of his melancholy, his croon taking on an altogether sexier tone, riding waves and waves of taut-tight macrooon 'lectro funk.

Monday, 21 June 2010

magique ordinateur

In a pastlife I pictured a world of bilious daffodils and childlike glee.
Danzie continues to swim around, the pace has quickened a little.
Still retaining and exuding a gentle quality, this makes for the perfect
soundtrack to a covert safari slowdance.
Scope out the rest of her oeuvre on Soundcloud.

Electronic Fences by Computer Magic


Computer Magic - Immediate Cause of Sleep

anml life

I always get sand in my shoes.
More cerveza-water-beer men keep appearing.
They carry little red cans of the tastiest beer in the whole of the world.
I don't want to leave. I know I'll have to.
teams fill me with a giddy all-over sensation.
Recalling every beach party I've ever been to.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


- Can you stop playing this?
- It's too damn good, Louisa.
- You have this nasty habit of playing things to death.

8 hours later
-Can you play that tune again?
-Which one, Louisa?
- You know the one? It's like pineapple or passionfruit or something?
- Kiwi.

There goes the finest thing to come out of Institubes since everybody's favourite twelve-year old sped out the blocks with White Knight Two.

Friday, 4 June 2010

summer sundance

Saturday night makes summer official.
My favourite cosmic-disco party headcases are coming to town.
As you can see from the clip above,
the combo of Burrill's visuals and live,
live synths caused people to lose their shit au Point FMR.

This time the venue is Cable. Modular Summer Sundance.
To mark the arrival of summer, Icelandic electro trio, Jungle Fiction,
have stamped their mark on Acid Washed's signature tune.
The remix party is only just getting started. The Hacker, Danger, Dan Haaksman, Lazy Flow and Digikid will be making appearances soon on the Acid Washed EP.

Jungle Fiction got moves. My favourite starts to come into play around the 75 second mark.
Cheese deluxe. Pure judderman vibes. Insert obligatory amazing things can leave Iceland except volcanoes joke. Eidur Gudjohnsen would be proud of how deft this.
Watch the hell out for their Heat of the Nite EP. It's crawling with moments like that.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

well done europe.

Foiled by circumstances once more.
Will I ever get to see The Chap live?
Don't make the same mistake as me.

The Chap - We Work In Bars.

Gloriously oddball.
'Really good'.
Medium to fast-pace.
The beauty is in the detail.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

two humans

The sunshine was a shimmering lullaby.
Still mid-morning, not quite left of centre.
Thoughts swim from left to right.
If only every day was a bank holiday.
Catching all the eyes.

The Ruby Suns - Two Humans