Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Mr. Flash is pure macaroon hip hop 'lectro.
I'm talking gooey, green pistachio shit.
One bite and you're hooked like a fly
caught in treacle.

Any escape is beautifully hindered, turbo charged glucose getaways destined to crash and burn.
Sinking back in feels so great, like lolling inside a bean-bag filled with serotonin, sunglasses and marshmallows.

Mr Flash - Powerlight

Whilst Breakbot is the poster-boy for Ed Bonger's deux mille dix renaissance, Mr. Flash's Blood, Sweat and Tears is the royale with cheese. No releases from him since the maiden sortie. Lucky Number ain't no fools, they know a star on the rise when they see one, and they got him to put everybody's favourite jew-fro hipster through the macaroon magique mill.

(via IM // UR)

Take a look at the clip for this single.
If the remix were to have a clip, the love interest would be Heather D'Angelo fo' sho.
It's a brilliant remix because it catapults Darwin Deez out of his melancholy, his croon taking on an altogether sexier tone, riding waves and waves of taut-tight macrooon 'lectro funk.

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