Friday, 30 July 2010

interview: blondes

Blondes are Zach Steinman and Sam Haar. I caught up with them just before they recently wowed a crowd of three or four hundred dozen at Spanky Van Dykes in Nottingham the other day. Moondance is typically glorious, sprawling shifty Gottsching-esque visco trance. I say visco-trance because it makes me feel like I’m in lots of different places and in most of these places I’m dancing and punching the air like in a discotheque. Viscous means sticky and thick.

Blondes - Moondance

I didn’t really ask them about music, I figured I’d leave that to the professionals. This is probably the point where I should tell you the interview is after the jump or something, it's not. Sorry.

What’s your favourite blonde?
Zach: I’m gonna try and do a range.
Faye Dunaway. Wasn’t she blonde? No, she just recently died.
Sam: She died right after dead boy.

J: Dead boy?
S: Heath Ledger
Z: No, she was upstaged by Michael Jackson.
S: Meg Ryan. All of them.
Z: Lauren Conrad, Meg Ryan.

Who would you rather kill? Superman or Batman:
Z: Superman. I was just never a superman fan.
S: I would say Batman though, cos you’d have a chance.

Last record you loved / killed?
S: Telepathe – Devil’s Trident 7”.

What’s the best thing about Merok?
S: Busy.
Z: Busy the Dog. He’s Milo’s dog. He’s an English bull-terrier.
S: Besides that.
Z: Everyone else.
S: They’re a bunch of good people. All the music on there’s wonderfully eclectic.

What’s your favourite meal?
Z: Big burrito fan.
S: I really like kale.
Z: Come on.
S: I really like kale.
Z: Just for the record, I call bullshit.
S: What? What?
Z: You do like kale, but it’s not your meal.
S: I like it so much.
Z: It’s not a meal.
Z: You do like it a lot.
S: It is my favourite meal.
Z: Alright, it’s in the favourite meal.

So there you have it.
D/R/U/G/S on the way.

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