Friday, 9 July 2010

stella mortos

I was always going to put out a record at some point. This is the first.
Entrepreneurs is the artist. Hunting Roger Rabbit and Six Severed Hates are the tracks.
You can hear a preview above, kindly created by Forrest Tramp.

More on the tracks themselves at another time.
For now I'm going to talk about the object itself.
Each of the 300 vinyls is to be screenprinted by hand
by Dan & Katrin.

Every one will come with a lyric sheet, some will be hand-written.
Some of them will have pages from Entrepreneurs' notebook.
The first few will get a hip-hop beats CD entitled The Super-Ego: Dustbugs.
Head over to the Stella Mortos bigcartel now. Don't delay, buy today.

Entrepreneurs - Brooklands - taken from The Super-Ego: Dustbugs

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Barely said...

This is how music should be sold/promoted/prodcued/everything. I am very much a supporter of this. May you release many many more such things.