Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Bringing a record into the world resembles closely a game often played on friends that fall prematurely asleep on an evening. For those of you unaware, it involves hitting them gently in the face whilst shouting"Lemoncake, Lemoncake, Lemoncake" until they wake up. Upon awakening, the recipient is then to be soothed back into sleep with "sssssshes" and gentle caresses. The process is repeated until it stops becoming funny / the sun comes up.

I use this analogy because everything that comes with manufacturing a record - the hurdles of artwork, distribution, public relations eventually start to feel like being hit gently and repeatedly in the face whilst someone shouts Lemoncake in your ear incessantly. The reason people actually do it is because the moment when the needle drops and the record starts playing equates to total dreamland.

With this in mind,
submit yourself to a side of DoubleDenim's debut 7".
and click here for their bigcartel.
Total dreamland.

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