Tuesday, 31 August 2010

hopelessly poor // die regenschwarme

I sought respite from the constant connection to my laptop.
A change from the endless personal admin I don't especially care for.
A change of scenery. Catching up with my brother.

Our destination was Hamburg. Only going for a weekend was deemed excessive by some.
People are less prone to acting on the spur of the moment; the advent of google everything means everything can be planned, tweaked, documented, counter-argued, ratified to the point where boundaries between actually doing things and talking about doing them online get blurred.

I just wanted to escape London and see my favourite artist of the last few years. Barbican tickets had sold out and I wanted adventure.

Moments after arriving in Hamburg, we realised our grasp of German was hopeful at best. The skies scowled at us. So we purchased regenschwarme and just wandered around Hamburg.

Kings of Convenience - Stay Out Of Trouble

Enjoying a sumptous Chinese a bit too much made for the laughable situation of actually missing the first ten minutes of the performance we had travelled nearly 600 miles for and endured the agony of RyanAir without headphones at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning.

The performance was incredible. Stay Out Of Trouble revealed exquisite depths I didn't know existed. I bunked off work a few days later to go see them on the South Coast. Back in Hamburg, Erlend was DJ'ing at the afterparty next door to whoever cared to stay around. Utter perfection would have been achieved if my favourite Norwegian had happened to have possessed the Fred Falke remix of Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive. What's worse, my brother broke the habit of a lifetime and neglected to bring his iPod.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)


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