Tuesday, 31 August 2010

interview: savoir adore

I don't have time in this blog marathon to write up the interview.
So I'm just going to post the audio file. I caught up with Savoir Adore just after their
barnstorming show at The Social. Paul shattered a glass, I mocked Deidre's name pronunciation. There is some random interlopers as well. I don't know who he is. Drummer Timmy had some choice words.

They were also very kind to give me some CDs which I proceeded to lose then find again to great comic effect. Eighteen minutes long. Batman can't even really fly.

Savoir Adore Interview

They were the nicest people I have ever interviewed. Fitting last interview.
Scope out their wares below. Moments of their show made me think of stars, which is probably the loftiest of compliments I can give to any boy / girl music band. I'm lying. I obviously can't remember. I'm going to do a proper interview someday. Totally music to catch you unawares and fall for. Their album is out now.

In part, I was still reeling from the performance of Bad Bad Bird, the support band. The backing singer / recorder player, Ross, happened to go to my school, so that was a pleasant surprise. The last time I saw him sing was for a Battle of the Bands, where as part of a foursome, he completely rinsed Back For Good by Take That. It remains one of the finest vocal performances I've ever seen. Seriously high. They need to get to a studio fast, but they are the East Midlands' answer to Talking Heads. If you want more, they have a myspace, but at this stage I'd advise you to check out their youtube channel. Apparently, the performance below was the first time that song was played live.

They also need to do a video in the rain. It was seriously mindblowing, he made the falsetto that sounds positively weak on Barlow's part around the 2:43 mark sing like a choir of angels dancing in magnolia skies or some soppy crap like that.

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