Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Music gets everywhere these days, the next step after synchronisation into adverts, films is probably subliminal. Beauty of this is that it his the power to hit you where you least fucking expect it. The emotional heft of these moments is paydirt I'm sure. Moment in question links to the recent video game experience, Red Dead Redemption. One of the cutscenes unfurls like the heavens into a previously unreleased song by Jose Gonzales.

Okay, I didn't actually play it, I can't play videogames anymore due to addiction problems, would get more addicted than Hersheys.

My man FC did though and the sense of awe instilled in him didn't lay dormant for long. The wistful nature of the original gets bolted on to the back of a train heading forwards-backwards into the distance. A glistening, throbbing mirage.

Him and his crew in Gentilly have been practicing like nobody's business.
The live show is now intense, and I just can't wait for them to get in their studio and match it.

Geste - Ohm Sick

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Janet P. Stephenson said...

Your photos and article both are excellent . Like it .