Tuesday, 31 August 2010

mermaid surfwave

This song deserves to be a TV-series theme tune.
Probably from the 80's. I'm going to call it Mermaid Surfdance.
About a bunch of mermaids that come from under the sea
to become world champion surfers in Florida,
but really the whole thing is a big ruse somehow related to narcotics.
Think Miami Vice meets Cool Runnings meets The Little Mermaid.

Junior Bacon - High Endurance (demo)

Anyway, Junior Bacon is still on the rise.
This joint ain't even cooked all the way through yet.
Still gives me shivers though, the effects progression reminds me of Guy-Man in his pomp.
Sexual Sportswear, Veridis Quo, you get me?

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Patricia G. Pierce said...

How stunning scene . You are well-done for shared this here .