Tuesday, 31 August 2010

tell the barmaid she's got pretty eyes

I first caught sight of Evryone in the Old Queens Head in their upstairs room. Speaking to Tom before on the way to and from Sainsburys beforehand gave away not the slightest indication of the behemoth of a voice that lay in store. It added a slightly surreal slant on the evening, as their performance was pure raw power, like a ferris-wheel spinning so fast the g-force starts to fuck with your jaw.
On record, it's reigned in a little more and emits something altogether more mellow, dareisay vaudeville. Doors cast open to another world, nostalgia coated skating around and around and around.

Chris also moonlights as slightly, and his deft touch with a sampler never ceases to reel me in. Prolific as hell, he's got irons in the fire and you can follow his meanderings on his tumblr. as they dance between jazz piano, the world out there whilst doffing his cap to all the greatest sampler wielding badman. Don't need to name names, his weapon of choice is the 303, and the joint below wrests a sunset riff away from Joni leaving it helplessly floundering in paradise.

slightly - MANY MANSIONS

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