Tuesday, 31 August 2010

turn to dust

FOE gets in front of the camera for a lipstick smeared joy-ride into her
macabre world. Girl works in a pharmacy, surrounded by death, jaded smack-heads and surburban bores. All day. Every day. I've got her album demos on the stereo now and boy oh boy has the world got treats in store.

Throwing the likes of Radiohead, The Kills, Nirvana into a giant melting pot. Manning the cauldron in this case adding plenty of special ingredients is Entrepreneurs, dap hand that he is also produced this clip. All in a day's work.

Working titles currently include the delightful Show Me The Sars, also the title of her tumblr. Runaway favourite so far is Merry Go Down, a lush lullaby to burn holes in your hearts and your bibles.

Until then, make do with this remix of rollocking demo, Charity Cases.
by Dalston good-time scoundrels, Is Tropical. Spectral outro is a forest-fire waiting to happen.

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