Friday, 3 September 2010

acid washed september mix

I picked up the phone.
"Come out of retirement, please Jehan."
No, I absolutely refuse. Who is this?
Oh alright then, what you got?

Our September mix.
Tracklisting /// download link

1. Visti & Meyland “Stars” – Rodion Mammarela Remix (Bear Funk)
2. The KDMS “High Wire” (GOMMA)
3. Invisible Strobe “Outlaw” (SEEK)
4. Oh Land “Son of a Gun” – Yuksek Remix (Plant Music)
5. Discodeine “Singular” – It´s a Fine Line Remix (DIRTY)
6. Rodion “The Logical Song” (GOMMA)
7. Acid Washed “Acid Washed” – Digikid 84 Remix (Record Makers)
8. Eli Escobar “Love Thing” (Plant Music)
9. Hankat “Be The First” – Acid Washed Remix (Sound of Copenhagen)
10. Logo “La Vie Moderne” (Feat. Piu Piu) – French Fries & Tony Senghore Remix (Kitsune)
11. Djs Pareja “Brutal” (I´m Single)
12. Blackstrobe “Sometimes funky people are dressed in black” (Supersoul)

DANGER has done a remix?!
"Franck has outdone himself."
Sure got that right.
This sounds like landing on the moon on acid.
Get your shuttle ticket / download here.

"Acid Washed" Danger's Remix by Acid Washed

Oh now I'm in the mood.
I simply must post the original. exclusive. naturally.
And the Stuff remix for good measure. Download here.
I can't get enough of this space-disco.
I'm going back to retirement now. I need to lie down.
"Don't forget to tell them about our EP. It's got Mickey Moonlight and The Hacker and Digikid and." I hung up the phone already. buy it if you like. they are playing CAMP in London too.