Friday, 30 April 2010

happy birthday

Tonight. Dummy MAG turns one.

Both these acts possess a certain heady charm, as if everything is half-plugged in.
Slightly undressed, or wrapped up. The whole night is sure to be bathed in luminescent sunset glow from a television set left on since Italia '90, or something like that. Super-intrigued to see how it all goes down.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Heavenly

Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5

disco bonnet breaker

Cosmic-disco Acid Washed take Kelis on a thrilling escapade.
Shooting her into the stratosphere, this remix glitters against the night sky.
Arpeggiated sparkle wrapped tightly around an endlessly soaring vocal. Each time it floats down it floats back up again. Think Moroder and Summer, but in 2010, getting down on a space-shuttle launch somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Peering through the dusty flap, A. could see the VCR had not been used for a very long time. A viscous liquid was oozing as out as he tried to retrieve the cassette. Reams of murky chocolate tape shot out without warning, looping round his neck and dragging him inside. Blinded by lights, he reached into his bomber to find his shades. The cassette had grown, expanded to surfboard proportions, and there he was hanging ten in some fierce marshmallow meteor storm circa 1993. Everything was clear and distinct, the meteors started to ressemble Chris Glover and A. did all he could to outmanoeuvre them. Misfortune struck, in the shape of one against his temple. The pain jarred. The whole world shivered. He awoke in bed, with headphones on, covered in a mixture of gunk and vomit.

In case you hadn't heard, Entrepreneurs is running his own personal remix of 2010 contest. The first track from his EP is also available for download on Myspace. It's called Revenge Platter. More on that later kids.

Monday, 26 April 2010


Mosey on down to Smithsfields tonight for the launch of the new Kitsuné compilation, apparently soft as cotton. In-case you missed it last time, the track below by Feldberg, who'll make their UK debut tonight is one of the stand-out pop tunes of 2010. Guaranteed replay value for this track, as well as the beautiful clothes war between Nils et Alazne.

Feldberg - Dreamin'

Sunday, 25 April 2010

little life in you yet

Let's just say, for argument's sake, that in 1989, Kate Bush decided she needed a change of scenery. Versailles seemed as good a place as any. Perhaps she'd be a substitute teacher at the Lycée Carnot. Imagine then a sensual world where her obliterated grandiose re-vision of Molly's monologue gets set to something altogether a little more french touch.

Charmed don't come bearing many gifts, in fact they are currently on a bit of a hiatus. This track, the product of one glorious afternoon, hints at a future bathed in sunshine and good times.

Friday, 23 April 2010

don't know you at all

Picture a beaten backdrop that spits and shudders like a swarm of mechanical insects. The sun shines a dirty yellow, bilious daffodils sprouting everywhere. Danzie, aka Computer Magic wanders alone through the misty dawn. In the same bleary-eyed snapshot, her voice dips into a pool of childlike glee and siren-like zen before towering above the post-apocalyptic mess where the other towers used to be.

Computer Magic - Immediate Cause of Sleep

Friday, 16 April 2010

dalton dealt

For a while, I though Max was lacking the swagger to really pull off his lush, swooning pop. I take it all back. At White Heat, he looked the part. A glorious white scarf was the piece de resistance to a performance that brought to mind a coke-addled Timothy Dalton.

The little touches continue to abound in this gorgeously cosy acoustic performance. The aesthetic is wonderfully distant from your classic teenage YouTube cover. Intimacy conveyed through monochrome, shades and bare feet. It could be the morning after Jojos, the scarf draped in disarray over the microphone stand, the bow-tie neatly hanging above the keys.

Wolf Gang - Back to Back

A different kind of swagger courses out of the Caulfield Beats. His set at The Victoria a few Fridays back caught me cold, then lit the fires behind my eyes and had me sweltering with awe at his sprawling, party pieces. The boy Lawrence takes a few slivers out of Back to Back and sends them soaring on arpeggio firefly cuts that sashay through the air, exploding against the sky like sherbet fireworks. Gloriously askew, wonky and wired electronica that can turn any room, field, open space into party. Be sure to catch him supporting Vitalic in June in London and at the sure-fire party storm that's going to tear The Great Escape a new one, a.k.a Hi, Honey.

The Caulfield Beats - back to back remash ii

Thursday, 15 April 2010

empty bed

Just try to not fall in love with Best Coast. I dare you.
Give up. Nothing was ever more futile.
You might as well just stick this on repeat forever and fly to the west coast right away.
Failing that, I hear there's some problems with the aeroports,
a dashing purple repress should fulfil your needs.

Best Coast - When I'm With You

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

saw deed

Caribou is running away with the contest for 2010’s dirtiest beat. Odessa, aside from leading that pack of filth, possesses a fine Arthur Russell-esque vocal that segues into a carefree hook that screams incongruous. This baby defies categorization.

Caribou - Odessa

The remix by Nite Jewel is pure midnight love nostalgia. The blinds in the motel room are dusty, the minibar was drained long ago. Warm moonlight suggests the discotheque of a few hours prior, a swift seduction. Lust fulfilled on the back seat of a run-down Scirocco, crackle and hiss oozing out the tapedeck.

Caribou - Odessa (Nite Jewel remix)

Monday, 12 April 2010

paced out

A song that births clouds in my head.
Clouds that cast a shadow over the metropolis.
Swooping down, dancing on the pockets, the butterfly closes in
On a lone motorcylist, rushing through the urban landscape.
Weaving in and out of the traffic, an early morning teetering.
One wrong move and it will mean trauma, skilled drivers needn’t worry though.
Everything is under control, despite the uneasy rhythm.

Radiant Dragon - In The Dawn

Radiant Dragon is gradually picking up the pace, developing his own sonic ecosystem. He drags Egyptian Hip Hop into his world below, bathing them in space and understated grace.

Egyptian Hip Hop - Wild Human Child (Radiant Dragon remix)

His album will be out later this year, I’m told.
A remix exchange is on the cards with my favourite screwball, Entrepreneurs. Derelicte

Thursday, 1 April 2010

i really need to slow down

'I really need to stay in
But I just wanna go out'

Luxury Living - Kimberley