Wednesday, 26 May 2010

burgeon fizzle

Reaching the top of a never-ending skyscraper.
How are you going to get down from here?
Parachutes are most certainly out.
Take a deep breath.

Clouds rush by like hasty commuters
I can't see the wood from the trees
It feels like I've been falling for about three weeks now
Which way is up?

And before you know it.
You hit the ground.
out cold.

Magnets - Out Cold


Monday, 24 May 2010

one second of your time

Summer is officially here.
I spent the weekend by the coast.
Showgirls are summer bottled-up, disco-distilled into three minute pop confections.
Saccharine, flecked with danger and guilt, Estelle Chardac's vocal is infectiously catchy.
Gloriously tongue-in-cheek production comes from the other members of the trio, David Blot and Lionel Catalan FC. Taken from debut mini-album, Mini, out now on Tricatel.

Showgirls - Foolin' around by Tricatel

Hypnolove are on hand to up the anté, sending the sultry vibes of the original sprawling onto the dancefloor. Pulses quicken, the icing on the original cake gets exchanged for slow-burning disco euphoria. Chords to die for. Watch out for Hypnolove's next move, a skulking new single is in the works. Production from Mickey Moonlight. Download this remix.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

all this could be yours

Back when shattered satellite was in its infancy,
I gushed at length about wondrous three-piece Menomena.
Truly the sum of beautiful individual parts.
Their new full-length, Mines, has been brewing for a while now, out in July.

Bridegrooms, prostitutes, McDonalds provide a lyrical backdrop for
a track laden with hope, yet gliding along in wearily epic fashion. Positive melancholia.

Menomena - Five Little Rooms

Thursday, 13 May 2010

hi, honey super post: MASKS, FOE & the Caulfield Beats interviewed

Calling all people heading down to Brighton. There is only one afterparty tonight worth attending. it's called hi, honey. Read more about it here. Today I thought I'd spoil you with a post of grandiose proportions. Mini-interviews with all the acts on display.

MASKS headline.
Read more about them in the piece I did for DUMMY Magazine.
Their brand of spectral, melodic noise blew me away in an empty Victoria a month ago. Aggressive yet delicate, I'm stoked to see how the deft interplay between the duo goes down in front of their hometown crowd. Their debut EP just dropped on Fear and Records. It's well worth your hard-earned. Personally, can't wait for the first vinyl release. Down to the nitty-gritty

1) What is your earliest childhood memory?
James: Being made to sit on the naughty step at play school, I'm not sure why.Luke: Umm, I forgot.

2) Favourite animal?
James: Squirrel
Luke: Narwhal. They have a narwhal skull at the Booth Museum in Brighton, it's incredible.

3) What is the closest you've ever felt to death?
James: Car crash in Greece outside a military base. They weren't happy.
Luke: Last weekend I climbed around the side of a cliff to prove to my friends that we could get to a secluded piece of sandy beach. Shame I won't be doing that again.

4) Who would you rather kill, Superman or Batman?
James: Batman.
Luke: Superman.

5) In your opinion, what is the most exhilarating thing about Brighton?
James: Pablo's Pizza.
Luke: Pom Poko's Japanese food.

MASKS - Forever Dancing

Next in the hotseat is FOE, aka Hannah Shark. In the months since I first wrote about here, she's been picking all kinds of serious A&R heat. Hardly surprising, her pop-outfit being a delightful contradiction, a glorious blend of butter-wouldn't-melt posturing with sinister undertones. Playing the evil Mark Ronson to her Lily Allen from the wrong side of the tracks is Entrepreneurs. His subtle production touches transform FOE into serious heavyweight contenders. Really proud to be putting on her first proper gig, makes a change from all the label showcases they've been playing of late.

1) What is your earliest childhood memory?
My earliest childhood memory. It was during a family holiday in Australia. I fell down some steps and needed stitches in my chin. So I got taken to A&E, where they gave me the most ginormous pink panther cuddly toy to make me feel better. It seemed pretty huge at the time, but I was probably only about 3. Still got the scar.

That or stealing penny sweets from Sainsburys!

2) What is your favourite animal?
I've always liked pandas. I like their black eyes.

3) In your opinion, which is the most exhilarating of all fairground rides? (be specific, name the place)
What's that one at Thorpe Park? I think it's called "Detonator", where you go up really high and then they slam you back down to the ground. Everything in your body feels like it's gone up inside your skull. It's not exhilarating in a good way, fucking horrible actually!

4) What is the closest you've ever felt to death?
Burying my pet cat "Merlin" in the garden, but mainly inside shopping malls.

5) Who would you rather kill, Superman or Spiderman? (and you have to kill one of them.)
As a superhero I much prefer Spiderman. He is far more mysterious! But I dont think I could kill Superman, as I'd have to look him in the eye while I did it! Spiderman's mask would hide the humanity, and so I'd find him far easier to shank, plus his costume would soak up the blood. It wouldn't be as messy.

head over to hi,honey tumblr for the Caulfield Beats part.
My battery is about to die and I need to get myself to Brighton.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

oui love.

Oui Love is taking over my favourite pocket of Farringdon this week,
for une semaine of all things French and musical.
Mercredi, c'est le tour de Record Makers. Celebrating our 10th birthday.
Turzi jouera live en solo. Which is really something to write home about.
Acid Washed are DJ'ing also, always spectacular.
We'll be playing some videos as well.
I'll be playing some classics from the catalogue
and some remixes that never made the light of day.
We'll also be selling some quality vinyl at a cheaper price than our webshop.
Did I mention that also there's going to be vin rouge? Jack Shankly will be behind the bar as well. Is that a deal-maker? No??? What do you mean no? Okay, here have an MP3.

Friday, 7 May 2010

nightcall remix contest

Kavinsky's full-length should be out this fall. In the meantime, we decided it would be worth opening up the doors to Vinco's zombie-noir universe and telling people to get involved. There's a billion million remix competitions out there sure, but how many of them let you get to play with Lovefoxxx's vocals and samples and tracks that have been touched up in Guy-Man's studio. The answer is a big, fat zero kids. So there you have it. Deadline is June 30th. Kavinsky picks the winner, myself and my crew pick the silver medal, and you the fans decide the bronze.

and just for good measure, we put the other Nightcall remixes on Soundcloud.

and for extra, awesome good measure, Kavinsky did a mix for Dazed Digital.
This is what he said.

"This mix is automatically generated by my car when I start the engine. This is the music that flows in my veins. My car knows this. For the first time ever, you are able to listen to this program outside of my car. Enjoy."

Thursday, 6 May 2010

hi, honey

flyer by lucas liccini.

So aside from producing a music video, putting out a record, running Record Makers UK HQ from my bedroom and growing a moustache, I got together with some friends who like music and parties, and we came to the conclusion that we should put on some music parties: hi, honey.

The first one will take place in Brighton next Thursday, a seaside jaunt coinciding with the big industry free booze-lake side party fest that is The Great Escape. Ours is more off the beaten track, it's part of the alt. escape. At a place called the Pavilion Tavern, affectionally known as the Pav Tav to locals in the know.

The last time I went to the Pav Tav is not something I can actually recall. I can't actually recall the time before that either. This time, however, is going to be different.

Aside from the eye and ear candy provided by myself, Jamila, Ruth, Kirsten and James, we've assembled a lineup of astronomic awesomeness. The Caulfield Beats will get the show off the road, swiftly followed by the delectable FOE before MASKS blow the doors off. In between, before and after will be the aforementioned Hi, honey DJ massive behind the decks as well as Is Tropical. Previews / interviews et cetera coming next week, so as a parting shot, check shat sat fave of all faves, Entrepreneurs, Rick Ruben-esque take on the splendid Forever Dancing by MASKS.

get yours later

Today I was filming a music video. For Entrepreneurs. It involved a lot of home-made gunk, car washes, ice cream and a lot of other lewd shit that is going to send you haywire when it eventually gets through post-production. It's for the debut offering from his new batch of material, an EP entitled Uv Been Robbed (Joking, But Not). Just so you know, it's pronounced Ah-ve been robbed, not you've. You know like you were walking down the street only to find you've been relieved of all your belongings, a daze descends. There is so much going on, so take a deep breath kids and hit the orange button.
The fourteen seconds before the beats comes in are the perfect introduction to Entrepreneurs signature synth, a dirty hallmark oozing with atmosphere, warm colours. It underpins the whole of this track, in pink and yellow undertones. Battenburg, screwballs, ZAP ice-creams you know. By this time, the beat will have dropped and so will your jaws. Pick yourself up off the floor to find the vocal, a louche croon that skids and slides all over the shop before being put through the mincer, whilst his harmonies fight it out with Hannah Shark's subtle backing.

houses woods houses woods houses houses woods
houses woods houses woods houses houses houses.

This kid knows how to treat vocals. With no respect. Despite the upturned lips, there's still moments of vulnerability laced with funky bass, funky everything, swinging synth solos that dance and teeter, evoking overcooked circuits fried and wide-eyed, drip-drop-dropping with something, not like anything to pass your ears previously. Lyrics are way further off the beaten track than what you'd expect, throwing up statements and tearing them down with equal disdain. I could go on, but I'm gonna save that for another time. Sign up to the list and download if you want a discount on the first vinyl that I'll be putting out independently.

////keep your eyes peeled for other stuff. a remix by radiant dragon will pop up to mailing list subscribers sooooon.